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Occurred : 13:00 (Entered as : 2\08\2015 13:00)
Reported: 7/21/2019 12:44:15 PM 12:44
Posted: 7/25/2019
Location: COLUMBUS,, OH
Shape: Circle
Duration:15 minutes
I been holding many strange things back this is not my first time i always have witnesses. on Feb 2015 my wife and i were in our bedroom and she was looking out the window up at the Sun and Suddenly i get this strange feeling which comes over me its like a Magnetic strong Voice tells me (Look) and when i was laying relax next to my wife in our bed kids in front room by the way watching T.V. anyway the inner Voice wearns me to look at our side bedroom window as i did i caught a illuminated Circle very small moving slowly threw our side bedroom window right threw the white Blinds which was hanging blocking out sun-rays.....I never panic i use to these sudden events that do comes to me every year to 7 Months.however watching this bright Circle just flew threw them Blinds i ask my wife looking still at them i do not like to call them (it) or say at the (thing) its really disrespectful to them....I ask my wife do she see what i sees, she was like in a state of unconsciousness, she didn't give me no answered nor did my wife move but she was looking in another direction at the same window facing east as my eyes was looking at this Circle Illuminated now moving to my side of my bed just illuminating brighter glowing very beautiful so the inner Voice say get up and reach out towards them and suddenly as i done this the Circle Illuminated so brighter than i ever seen it Blinded me and i watch a Ray of Light shot out went threw and i fell back in fear onto the bed for i try to grab this Circle now my wife snaps outta whatever had a hold on her she sees them in out bed-room just floating in middle of our bed-room and this Circle used telepathic telling me not to fear them my mind read them saying this they came in love & peace than i stands up before them and suddenly changing-shapes the ball became larger like a basketball & and this instrument folds out with a Camera like box it was so fast it snap shot both of us and transformed back ! and flew slowly towards the North side window that was facing ! north an d became smaller like a ping pong ball size and I walk fast behind them opening the Blinds to see where they went and i watch this Circle bright Ball fly up up up and it went up until i could not see them..I ran to call my sister who is a Pastor & her Husband who done a Tour in the Air Force and was shock to her him tell me by saying to me that is nothing to fear he went on to tell me they flew and seen them always but cannot exposed them and said before he died my brother in law said i cannot exposed them....but they here watching certain people below and they wants you to tell the world ...OMG i drop the cell phone and crying saying why they pick me...why do they keep coming showing up often .....i told my sister picking up the cell phone crying why do i has to keep going thru life seeing things cause my wife use to think i was crazy until the day she did seen them like all my female and male friends who told never to say nothing about these strange encounters they use to ! blame me.... today i trying to finish my book about my Time-Travel below here on this planetary system we all live within this Bubble Blue ball......yes we are not alone & they be back the Visitors i call them i waiting columbus,Ohio