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Occurred : 7/24/2019 22:30 (Entered as : 07/24/2019 22:30)
Reported: 7/25/2019 10:01:23 AM 10:01
Posted: 7/25/2019
Location: Champlin/Anoka, MN
Shape: Unknown
Duration:1 minute
I was watching Alien Highway last night, the 24th of July. I seen a flash outside above the tree line in the north west direction towards Anoka, Minnesota. I stay in Champlin, so at first I thought it was just a thunderstorm approaching. Until 15 min later around 1030pm, I seen the flash again. This time it looked like it was the color red, and it seemed to have lit up the sky above the tree line.

I am 24 years old, I know what lightning looks like. It was weird that it seemed to have the brightest parts in the same spot each time closest to the trees. It flashed about 10-15 times at 1030, and I didnt see it again the rest of the night.

I thought it could have been a storm approaching, and thought I could have imagined it being a reddish color. When I looked up current radar of the area on my phone, I didnt see anything near the area, my thoughts went straight to this show I watched. It showed a flash of light in the sky lighting it up from near the ground. All I can think of that would have been this, was something paranormal.

Hope someone else saw what I had last night. I keep replaying it in my head, thinking maybe I've been binge watching these shows too much at night and just imagined something happening around me. It was so realistic, everything about it. I swear it was the color red too!! So strange!!