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Occurred : 7/25/2019 17:22 (Entered as : 07/25/19 17:22)
Reported: 7/25/2019 4:58:48 PM 16:58
Posted: 8/23/2019
Location: Pyramid Lake, NV
Shape: Other
Duration:30-45 minutes
I have documentation of multiple unexplained objects on three different occasions.

Report It turns out that I have encountered and documented unexplained things in the sky on three separate occasions. The most recent was enough for me to look back at a video I had taken almost three months earlier and as I was organizing the material a finger twitch led me to the recycle bin where I found a deleted folder with an object that looks very much like what I saw and documented most recently.

Starting with the oldest.

On July 27, 2016, at 7:11 (time stamp), I saw something unusual out at pyramid Lake NV and took two pictures. I’m assuming I observed it only for a short time. It wasn’t until the other day when I was organizing all the unexplained material I have that I restored the deleted pictures taken in 2016. I had forgotten about it and as with the next sighting I didn’t think that much of it at the time. How I found them is as bizarre as any of it.

On March 31, 2019, at 1:52 PM, I took a video with my phone of an object north of my location in Sun Valley, NV. Minutes prior to that I was out emptying garbage or something and noticed something in the sky. It looked like a Mylar balloon that was reflecting the sun in intervals. Not exact intervals. I remember thinking that I live in the flight path; debris that high doesn’t seem safe. I saw my neighbor, brought his attention to it and grabbed my phone. As my neighbor and I watched it he was saying it was garbage and I thought yah a piece of Mylar but a 4x8 sheet because it looked too far away to be a one foot balloon. I took several pictures not able to see it in the viewfinder just point and shoot. With the eyes it would not be visible for moments and then you would see it flash brightly and repeatedly (possibly 2 or 3 different intervals) for a few seconds. I don’t recall how it ended as far as, I think I got bored and went inside as opposed to it disappeared. Probably 5 t! o 15 minutes of observation.

At the time with my neighbors’ comments and opinion that it was nothing, I wasn’t personally very excited and didn’t download the pictures and video to a desktop until June 7th. If memory serves I saw nothing on the pictures and deleted them and wasn’t excited enough to render the video in order to capture a still to zoom in on until July 1st. I became more excited to see what the object in the video looked like when I had a third encounter with an unexplained object in the sky that I observed for probably 40 minutes. I’ve now crawled over the video and captured quite a few stills from the March 31 video. One still fortuitously caught a fly passing by and I also captured 5 stills (or snapshots) labeled “move sequence” showing what appears to be a second object appearing and moving away from the first object very fast as the first object disappears. The whole event of the second object lasted less than a second! Digital zoom on the video frame doesn’t seem to be as good as wi! th photos but the object looks extremely similar to both encounters at Pyramid despite the fact that to the eye in March it looked defined shining and strobing. In June of this year and July of 2016 (at Pyramid Lake) the object to the eye looked like a small roundish white cloud. June was wispy and undefined but you could see it all the time, it didn’t move and it looked a different color temperature than the surrounding clouds.

Tuesday June 25th 2019 I drove out to Pyramid Lake NV for a swim. I purchased a day use pass at 4:23 PM and took the (I think 15 minute) drive to Wino beach. I don’t recall how long I observed the strange object I saw in the sky before I took the first picture at 5:22. The object I saw to the East of my location looked like a very small cloud but it was a significantly whiter color. What really made me take notice was that it was not moving with the surrounding clouds. I took 27 pictures and one video never seeing it in the viewfinder over the course of about 17 minutes. I believe I may have not seen it for a little while, while there was a dense cloud where it was. I probably “paid attention” to the object for 40 minutes. I think I left the beach around 7:00 and recall looking for it, not seeing it and seeing several condensation trails. I recalled not seeing any sign of aircraft the entire time I was observing the object.