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Reported: 7/28/2019 8:42:56 PM 20:42
Posted: 8/23/2019
Location: Jonesville, MI
Shape: Other
I was abducted several times all through my child hood into adulthood. I have been in contact in the past with several different types of beings. I can remember bits and pieces of several abductions at my fathers home and even in a different state after moving from Michigan to Ohio 13 years ago. I’m currently 39 years old and most of the memory’s I have are from the ages of 5-19 years of age. I still see crafts every once in a while and have shared sightings with my daughter in fear that she will be abducted and to try and educate her about it.

I have seen 3 crafts saucer shape and lighting up the entire yard and area brighter than day light. I have seen even several white/gray looking beings with smaller ones like children. I have seen big like beings that made you feel more love than parents could ever give you. I’ve seen beings that look like humans but are so small the craft would fit in the house and they would shrink me to fit in it with them. I have been in large crafts with all different kinds of beings and seen outer space. There’s so many bits and pieces of memory’s I just want help to understand why it occurred. I know it sounds crazy and don’t expect for everyone to believe me but lots of things happened to me and it still affects me at night every night.