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Occurred : 3/31/2019 05:33 (Entered as : 03/31/19 5:33)
Reported: 7/31/2019 6:54:48 AM 06:54
Posted: 8/23/2019
Location: Lawndale, NC
Shape: Disk
Duration:2 minutes
It was 5:33 in the morning. I woke up a hour before and stood outside on my porch. There was nothing in the sky I looked on the ground and back up. When I looked up I saw 3 blue lights close together hovering over the treeline across the street. The middle light shone bright. I started at it for a sec and then got scared so I ran inside grabbed a knife locked the door and turned out all the lights. I went to my moms room she was asleep so I layed beside her. I felt like something was trying to talk to me through brain waves. I kept hearing the word zerk. Ever since this morning when it happened I feel like my senses have heightened not to a super hero level but they have increases.