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Occurred : 10/10/2018 23:38 (Entered as : 10/10/18 23:38)
Reported: 8/5/2019 8:18:48 PM 20:18
Posted: 8/23/2019
Location: Albany, NY
Shape: Circle
Duration:3-4 minutes
Two illuminated objects travel in tandem silently; one emits illuminated objects three different times

Viewing location: University at Albany. As I entered East University Drive from a parking lot, I noticed two lights on the horizon to the south of my position which I assumed to be an incoming flight to Albany International Airport. However, this was west of the typical flight paths that I often observed, and it appeared to be dropping illuminated objects. Suspecting this to be an aircraft in distress, I quickly drove into the football stadium parking lot for a better look. By this time it was almost about to pass me, but then I observed that each illuminated object was separated and moving in tandem. The second object continued to drop illuminated objects at intervals. These were silent.

Fortunately, I captured the objects (and another drop of illuminated objects) via iPhone 8 video as they were passing me and heading north. The treeline can be seen with a bright monitor, as well as the corner of SEFCU Arena at the end of the video.

Puzzled by what I had witnessed, I enlarged one of the objects with my video editing program — but it's just as mysterious. The original file and the magnified file are in these Dropbox links. Based on incoming airline flights to Albany International Airport, I would estimate these to be 2,500 to 4,500 feet. A Times Union city desk editor called a spokesperson at the airport to inquire about craft in the area on this date and time. Two weeks later, the contact responded the airport had no information about these objects in its airspace.

Because the objects were to my right (heading north), I would estimate them to be traveling over part of Guilderland — which borders Albany.

One of the Times Union's reporters contacted a professor at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute in Troy for assistance, but he was too busy last spring. So, I'm filing the report here.

I have drawn maps that illustrate the path — which may be helpful, too.