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Occurred : 7/25/2019 11:30 (Entered as : 07/25/2019 11:30)
Reported: 8/5/2019 4:03:33 PM 16:03
Posted: 8/23/2019
Location: Warwick, RI
Shape: Triangle
Duration:5 minutes
first I saw a meteorite, immediately after noticed a bright light in the sky. at first I thought it was the moon because of how bright it was,so bright it reflected off of the ocean water. I knew it was not the moon because it began to move, while still moving through the sky I noticed the light went out. then the craft came towards us, as it got closer, I could make out three dim lights on the bottom of the triangular shape with no distinct wings or features. we could at this point tell it was not an aircraft or drone. as the craft flew past I could hear a quiet hum. the craft was about the size of a small fighter plane. then it flew off into the distance.