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Sighting Report
Occurred : 3/15/2017 21:00 (Entered as : 03/15/2017 21:00)
Reported: 8/26/2019 4:09:47 PM 16:09
Posted: 9/6/2019
Location: Pickerington, OH
Shape: Other
Duration:23 seconds
Red/Orange Lights In Sky (Diamond Aircraft?) and Orb Seen Below Clouds.

UFO Summary I have been somewhat negligent in writing this ufo sighting summary. I believe part of it is due to life events, as well as concern whether or not my report can provide any value, compared to other reports I have heard and read. However, this event has periodically plagued my mind for the last two years and I believe by providing this report, and possibly talking to someone regarding my incident, I may be able to find some sort of closure. I will try to be as accurate and descriptive as possible. Please feel free to reach out with any questions you may have. Also, if time permits, I would greatly appreciate someone reaching out to me for the purpose of helping me process this event.

Event Sighting: I believe this event occurred in approximately March or April of 2017. The time was at approximately 9:00pm. The location of this event occurred in the parking lot of Planet Fitness located at 1175 Hill Road North Pickerington, Ohio 43147. I was walking into the Planet Fitness to work out, when I happened to look in the sky, oriented in the Southern direction. Initially, I just happened to look up very briefly almost as if by impulse. When I looked up, I happened to see lights in the sky and did not think anything of it. I then immediately looked back down to see where I was walking as I was in parking lot about to cross into a driving lane. Almost instantaneously, as I looked down, my mind recognized that something seemed abnormal about the lights. As I realized this abnormality, I looked back again and became very uncomfortable with what I began witnessing. While the event itself may not seem “spectacular” in any way reading this, I can assure you that as an observe! r, it was a very unnerving event once my mind started processing what I was viewing.

As I looked back up at the sky in a Southern direction, I saw 4 lights that I would characterize as a somewhat muted red/orange. It will be somewhat difficult to describe distances and dimensions, but I will try my best. If you can imagine me standing on the ground looking up at the lights, I would say the object was approximately 60 degrees in the air, using the flat ground as a 0 degree baseline. The lights appeared to be approximately 1,000 feet away, in the Southern direction from my location at 1175 Hill Road North Pickerington, Ohio 43147. The lights were traveling in an East by North-East direction, very slowly. From a general observation perspective, I would say they were travelling at approximately 8 miles an hour. The immense uncomfortability in that moment came when I began truly trying to understand what I was observing.

As I looked up to analyze the 4 muted red/orange lights, I could see that these lights were moving in what appeared to be exact unison. At first I thought they may be some sort of airplanes very far away. I took specific note of their movement in attempts to understand what I was seeing but again, when I truly attempted to analyze the lights, it was apparent that there was no visible variance between their distance relative to one another. I also realized that it was a cloudy night with clouds fairly close to the ground, and these lights were clearly visible under the clouds. This ruled out any chance of these being distant aircraft. This realization made me believe that these lights were much nearer than I initially expected,and that they must have been been affixed to the same originating object. They were almost directly over a water tower. I became increasingly uncomfortable as I began to perceive the size of the object these lights seemed to be a part of. If these lights truly were on the same object, I would venture to guess that the “craft” was the size of a football field. Oddly, the lights were oriented in a “diamond” shape, in relation to the trajectory of the craft (East by North-East). I will try to explain the 4 lights’ positions using the illustration below. Points A,B,C, and D almost exactly illustrates the location of the lights in relation to one another. Again, in this illustration, the craft was moving in an upward and left direction from my perspective, meaning that the light at point D was “leading” the craft.

I could hear absolutely no sound that would be indicative of a massive flying object this close to my location. I also began having the overwhelming and distinct feeling of fear, terror, and powerlessness. While I can not say I actually saw the body of the object, I would say my mind “worked out” the shape of the craft while I was viewing this. I could almost see the outline of a black shape almost the exact shape above, but I cannot tell if I truly observed it with my eyes or if my mind “filled in the gaps” from the lights. At this point of my viewing/analysis, the lights began being obscured by the clouds and eventually disappeared above the clouds.

Unfortunately I was so mesmerized by this event that I did not think to take a picture with my phone. Overall, from initial sighting to disappearance, I would say the entire event lasted only 10-15 seconds. However, the event felt like minutes.

Almost as soon as the 4 lights seemingly connect to the massive craft disappeared, I happened to see what appeared to be a brownish orb coming down from the sky. With myself still looking in the Southern sky at the same location, the orb was falling from the East approximately 600 feet from me. I will be honest and say I have no idea what to make of the orb. I noticed it when it was approximately 80-100 feet off the ground and falling at approximately 8-10 feet per second. The orb was behaving like, and almost the size of a grocery bag in light wind but something did not seem right about it. The orb seemed too illuminated to be just a bag. Again, it was 9:00pm at night and this object was almost 600 feet from me. There were street lights across the street in the direction of the orb but I cannot see any way how an average street light would have been able to illuminate the orb as brightly as it was. Also, the orb fell to what seemed the ground from a height of appro! x. 100 feet. Logically, it the orb was illuminated by the street light, the appearance and intensity of the illumination would have varied considerably. While there was some variation on the surface of the orb in relation to its brightness, it did not seem to match what one would expect from its orientation to the street light. Also, the surface exterior of the orb seemed to fluctuate. It seemed to have indentations and protrusions that continuously varied in positions to one another, but there were no sharp edges. As the object was falling to the ground, I lost sight of it once it neared the ground and honestly, I did not stay there to see if it reappeared. The amount of fear I began feeling propelled me to jump into my car and “hide” so to speak. I would say the orb sighting lasted approximately 8 seconds.

Reporting To Police: After sitting in my car for a few moments, maybe 15 minutes trying to figure out what in the heck just occurred, I decided to contact the police. I decided to call the actual police station rather than 911. As I have written a lot so far, I will summarize by conversation briefly. I asked the operator who answered the phone at the police station if anyone has reported odd lights in the sky. The operator paused for a moment and asked me what kind of lights. Very hesitantly, and with telling telling her that I know I’ll sound crazy, I said “like unexplainable lights.” I briefly described what I saw in regards to the lights. She stated that no one has reported anything tonight, but that an on-duty policeman reported something similar in almost the exact location I did, approximately 6 weeks or 6 months prior. Unfortunately I cannot remember if she said weeks or months but I know she said 6. She said that the policeman had reported the lights, tried to chase them and had ! absolutely no idea what they were. She also stated that in that event, they called wright patterson airforce base to verify if they were flying craft(s) and the military said they had no craft in the area.

Summary: Overall, I have no idea what to think of the orb but I can say with strong confidence that the 4 red/orange lights I saw were connected to an ariel object/craft in the sky. I believe myself to be a fairly logical person and following this event, I have dwelled on this incident for hours. Based on the exact uniform movement of the lights and their positioning in relation to one another, the color of the lights (which never blinked), the fact that they were visible under low cloud cover, the fact that I could hear absolutely zero sound indicative of an aerial vehicle, and the fact that a police officer observed something somewhat similar recently; I have no choice but to believe this was some sort of ufo (terrestrial or non-terrestrial).

Overall, I wanted to share my story and see if anyone would be able to contact me to provide their thoughts on the event. Again, this event has periodically plagued me for 2 years as I’m a very logical person who seeks the truth in all instances. It is very unnerving to me to have experienced such an event that logically made absolutely no sense. Also, the amount of primitive fear and powerlessness I experienced were profound.

((NUFORC Note: Witness indicates that the date of the sighting is approximate. PD))