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Sighting Report
Occurred : 17:55 (Entered as : 17:55)
Reported: 9/25/2019 10:55:28 AM 10:55
Posted: 10/4/2019
Location: Englewood, FL
Shape: Formation
Duration:2 minutes
ball orb bright blue ball of energy light

I was simply starring out my bedroom window holding this strange rock or crystal not sure what it y is that I found in my yard.

I was staring out of my bedroom window it was raining and I was just thinking about back when i was 7 yrs old and had alien contact back in Indiana 1986 all the sudden this huge bright blue flash which was in the shape of like a energy ball apperaed in front of me so bright and powerful and i noticed there wasnt anything connecting it like there would be if it were lighting or something another strange thing is that it exploded the neighbors tv and the other neighbors computer all of my electronics were fine but all around me and my house they all had major electrical problems with there homes and devices also my father was banging on my front door he just happened to be coming over to visit me and as he was pulling into my driveway he too saw this blue bright glowing powerful orb like ball of beautiful light it appeared made a loud sound and then it was gone like it just disappeared.

This all happened after the strange stone or rock i found in my back yard its still unidentified however it has this amazing feeling when you hold it it just feels like really really good energy!!!