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Occurred : 9/24/2019 21:30 (Entered as : 09/24/19 21:30)
Reported: 9/28/2019 6:54:35 PM 18:54
Posted: 10/4/2019
Location: Mobile, AL
Shape: Fireball
Duration:1 minute
Orange, slow-moving fireball seen near Bayou Sara River, Mobile, AL. (2 witnesses)

Friend and I went on a boat ride to a sandbar we know at approx. 7:00 PM in Bayou Sara. We left at (estimated) 7:30 PM, headed North back towards Gunnison River. I looked eastward and spotted what seemed to be a orange/ yellow ball of fire moving incredibly slowly towards the south. I drew my friends attention to the object, to which after a few seconds of watching it said my thoughts exactly, “what the f*ck is that dude?”. I estimated it to be 2 miles away, 2,000 feet high, and moving towards the south at around 40 mph. We observed it moving for around 40 seconds, after which it appeared to dim and burn out over he course of 3-4 seconds. I remained unlit for 10 seconds or so and appeared to re-ignite itself back to its original luminosity. Moving the same speed and direction as before for 5-6 seconds, I appeared to dim itself for the final time, after which we never saw it again. There were no clouds in the sky, it was entirely clear at that hour. The objec! t had no blinking lights. The object also made no noise.

Within 5 minutes we counted 4 helicopters and 3 jets flying over the objects general area, which we had not seen a single one the entirety that we were out there on the river. It appeared that they were scrambled to intercept the object.