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Occurred : 10/9/2019 02:00 (Entered as : 10/09/2019 2:00)
Reported: 10/10/2019 4:13:27 PM 16:13
Posted: 12/1/2019
Location: Odessa (Canada), ON
Shape: Unknown
Hello, I'd like to start of by saying I'm not crazy and I know what I saw was real! 2am I was laying in bed looking out the window and I saw a bright star flickering so I watched it for awhile. (I've seen this flickering star before) this time is moved.... It was go slow then speed up, it would go left then right then forward and back but 500x the speed of any aircraft or drone can fly. I watched it for more then 3 hours zip around the sky. But it only flew in one side of space. It seemed very far but I had a feeling the lights were not from actually light but either a jet engine sort of thing. It's hard to explain. I went outside multiple times to make sure I was seeing it right. Then I looked to the left and the was a bigger light but more yellow and it was flashing slowly.. it did some wiggles then starting moving straight out to space and disappeared. Then I looked all around the sky and saw two more yellow looking stars but they did not move or blink. They looked like they were shinning a yellow light downwards tho.

Anyway that's all, I just feel I had to tell someone professional, I told a few people but they just looked at me funny.

This is no joke, I also saw a plane fly but and in comparison the bright light I saw flying around was way more fast, could stop on a dime and go the opposite direction. And it was clear as day how bright and flickering it was. Id love to know if anyone else seen this as well.

Thanks for reading!