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Occurred : 10/28/2019 12:00 (Entered as : 10282019 12:00)
Reported: 10/28/2019 6:55:15 PM 18:55
Posted: 12/1/2019
Location: Cleveland, OH
Shape: Light
Duration:12 minutes
lIGHT AT SOME SPEED, two similar lights shot out like dolphins jumping parallel to esch other. 12 min obsersance.

Oct 28 2019 cleveland/lakewood ohio i saw a sky distant looking North towards lake Erie , white not of a glowing light (no actual shape),observed in perfect blue non cloud sky, no emission,sky sunny day not gloomy.

12 pm noon just happened to look into sky, saw something white, perhaps glowing, it at first was stationary in sky, distance unknown stationary began to move N.E. direction in sky at somewhat fast speed then lost altitude, It at first appeared to my left then this movement brought it before me but at a distance. i watched aprox 12 minutes, it moved to place it dropped/settled among tree branches of the distant tree , sort of like hiding from view it bobbed up/down among a branch exposing itself then hiding from my view a couple of times, THEN as a very fast observance perhaps that of a a full second two similar light of same intensity and similar sized objects moved quickly away from the main object as if two parallel dolphin in a arcing diving paths and disappeared from sight into the far from view tree branches then the object moved to the very end of the branch, being slightly observable and stayed for minutes where stationary by staring i could discern it a bit among the branch there was a plane moving through sky during the viewing ( the lake Erie being about a mile away) ,as it came harder to see i just gave up viewing it moved on eastward through the parking lot.

i was in a grocery store parking lot end with virtually no traffic just parked cars of the viewing, i moved about 60 yard moving to the stores entrance door i looked up and saw it again stationary lurking at another tree at the very edge of the distant branch, then gazing a while i could not discern it by sight any more. That was the observance ( i made a report to mufon today) This is my lifetime 4th sky sighting 1 70's, 1 80's 1 90's