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Occurred : 11/27/2019 02:45 (Entered as : 11/27/19 2:45)
Reported: 11/28/2019 3:05:15 AM 03:05
Posted: 12/1/2019
Location: Ventura, CA
Shape: Unknown
Duration:15 seconds
Huge Flat Beam of Light completely vertical, Lit up entire sky with bright white lite, lights inside were surging and losing power.

Ventura California, November 27, 2019 at approximately 2:45am witnessed a large flat light come down vertically to ground, the entire night sky became very bright almost white, the lights in the house started flickering with like a power surge, electrical surge., then it was gone. Entire event took no more than 15 seconds I live on the hillside in Ventura, California, so my view is all the way from the hillside to the Conejo Grade (101 Frwy), out to Pt Mugu, the Santa Clara Islands and all the way up to Santa Barbara.

On Nov 27th around 2:45 am I was in my Living room with my son when this light appeared. The light, rather flat beam came down vertically it looked like a very wide flat beam of light. The beam covered quite a large area; I would say half up to the entire length of the runway at the airport. When the tight touched the ground (within a few seconds) the entire night sky lit up brighter than anything I have ever seen. It was very white and bright.

My son was facing the window, I had my back to the window and noticed the room light up, so I turned and saw this huge, wide flat beam of light from the sky to the ground over the Camarillo Airport. The light became very bright almost white, then the lights in the house started flickering and surging. At that time, I turned away from the light and looked down my hall to see if the house was shaking, thinking that it might have been a earthquake. Frankly I am very surprised it didn’t blow the power, or at least the transformers, because you could tell that the surge was not a normal flicker lights power outage kind of event. Something was taxing the power.

The entire event lasted less than 15 seconds. There was no sound from this at all. The sky was cloudy with rain, so when we went outside to look up there was nothing that we could see because of the cloud cover.

The light was so bright, and it must have covered a good 10 – 15-mile radius. My son felt like the light was maybe from an explosion or bomb, and in fact for a split second felt as if the windows would blow out, but there was no sound. No thunder and lighting, no explosion, nothing, completely silent.

At that point we waited to see if there were any police or fire department lighted cars or trucks going in the direction of the airport nothing. Got on social media (twitter, Instagram), to see if anyone saw it….nothing. turned on the local news ….nothing.

Our cat was completely puffed up, as he does when he sense’s danger, or another animal around.

As I type this a good 24 hours have passed, and we have not found anyone besides my son who saw this, which is even more baffling.