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Occurred : 10/31/2012 17:24 (Entered as : 10/31/12 17:24)
Reported: 12/27/2019 6:09:20 AM 06:09
Posted: 2/7/2020
Location: Howell, NJ
Shape: Changing
Duration:17 seconds
Hypersonic flight, seen two years in row same day. 5 witnesses. Near a naval station . Awe inspiring.

close to halloween . On the same day . Two years in a row .

I was with my neighbors outside we were talking after work sharing a six pack amongst 5 people the first time. And 4 of the same people the next year. We all witnessed the same thing . 4 out of the 5 of us seen in two years in a row .

Our first response to each other was that "NOOONE WILL BELIEVE US! " I was in same location as the previous year. I witnessed something that was the first time terrfying . And the following year. SAME exact phenomenon! Close to the same day or most likley the same day . Two years in a row. As if it was scheduled flight.

SO I WITNESSED amongst five other witnesses A bright glowing silent circle in the sky above .

The first year only noticed it because of a huge flash of light . The nighttime tunred to daylight. For almost a minute . We all looked at each other not making sense of it . Until we eventually looked at thr sky . We seen , whatever it was fly away at hypersonic speed creating what i would call a tear in the sky itself . It left a sort of a con trail across the clear black sky . Only the trajectory went upwards. Towards the stars . Not east to west. Or north to south . It has an axis of flight that didnt make sense. Its accelerations was 0mph to hypersonic in a blink of an eye . And a red tear in the stratosphere was all that remained after it flew off . And was entirely silent . What alerted us all.

The second year . the same exact day . We were in the same location the same light happened. But this time we knew to look up. All of the exact same things occured . In thr same order . Left the same tear in the atmosphere . Only this time because we seen it before we seen the object.. and not just the dissapearqnce of an unknown object as was thr case the year before .

It was a silent circle craft. Seemed to be almost invisible . You could see through it . But not entirely . The size was impossible to tell because of thr "cloaking i would say " and once one of us noticed . Pointed. The light again happened. Lit up the street and sky as if a electrical transformer blew up. Electrical light bluish in color . Almost like cloud lightning . Than zips away again the second time.staight up. Than changed direction heading south east .

Note . Naval weapons station earl is a 15 minute drive by car from me .

I do not know what the hell all of us witnessed. But it was powerful. It was something that cannot be properly described . The light that lit up the night was so powerful . And the way it moved at hypersonic speeds and switched directions. In a blinknof an eye it moved so far it was over the horizon..

We have all witnessed meteor showers . We have witnesssed transformers blowing up nearby . The first year we thought and tried convinving ourselves thats what had happened and we had seen . But the second year . On the same date . At the same time . And the same people witnessing this thing .

It scares me .

I hope it belongs to the U.S. because it has more power in that vehicle than Anything i have ever seen on earth.

To all reading this . I am a skeptic little green men .

Like i said before. I live next to naval weapons station Earl . 15 minutes away by car . Since this occurance its an obsession with me to figure out what my own senses showed me and my friends . Two years in a row .

I dont believe aliens use our calenders or watches .

So i believe its a military object .

I just cannot imagine that we are that advanced yet . Must have craft 200 years more advanced than the public recognizes.

Or maybe not . And thats alarming .