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Occurred : 8/15/2007 07:50 (Entered as : 8/00/2007 07:50)
Reported: 2/11/2020 6:06:38 PM 18:06
Posted: 2/13/2020
Location: Vallejo, CA
Duration:2 minutes
a alien figure, blueish agua color tall and ugly

I had an encounter in 2007/August I never stop thinking about it. I was going to my back yard to fill up my dogs water bowl at 7:50 am i noticed my dog was curled up in the corner of the back room where he sleeps before walking out to the yard. He would always jump up with excitement when he seen me but it striked me a bit weird he didnt that morning. So my back was facing a tree as I was filling up the bowl I turned to go in the house to my left and then I seen a tall blue form thing an alien i mean i dont know what it was but he turned his head down and stared at me while walking, not towards me but straight. it was blue aqua ish and it had no clothes on just skin i didnt stare at his stuff i just seen his chest up it was the weirdest shit ever. I ran in the house and called my mom by the time i looked out the window it was gone. i will never forget that day i still dont know what it was and really wish i knew why it appeared to me. I did find out that ! the previous owner to my house worked on Mare island he was in the military and he left cameras everywhere on each side of this house intercoms in every room and motion sensors in the living rooms. he seemed scared of something. anyways just wanted to share.