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Occurred : 7/1/2011 20:00 (Entered as : 07012011 20:00)
Reported: 3/8/2020 4:42:34 PM 16:42
Posted: 5/1/2020
Location: Hamilton, MT
Shape: Triangle
Duration:5 minutes
Triangular shaped craft hovering over Bitterrot River near town of Hamilton.

I was going to see my girlfriend who was working at a local bar. Left my home on bicycle heading into Hamilton on westridge rd. Heading east towards and over the Bitterroot river. As I approached the bridge on the river to my left I noticed lights hovering over the water at first I thought it to be a cell tower. I was fairly new to the area but looking back I thought it was strange that I figured it to be a cell tower. The lights were in a triangular pattern. While completely silent it hovered over the water. Once I noticed it to be something out of the norm. It noticed me notice it. There was some kind of telepathic interaction occurring at this time. As I was riding past the lights became more pronounced and the craft hovered directly over and past me heading towards downtown Hamilton on my other side. I remember trying to pedal fast to chase after it as much as possible. I also remembering having much hesitation because of possibly becoming an abductee. I still pedaled hard after this completely silent object that was only a 100 or so feet above me hovering it's way downtown. I also recall the craft having a large powerful white light in the middle that I felt harnessed all the energy. For being completely silent it emanated power and force in a very strange way that I have never witnessed. As I gave chase and did my best to get my mind around what this was it reached the brickwork of downtown and literally shot off into the east over the Skalkaho pass.

At this time a large forest fire was burning on those mountains. I also thought it may have been a helicopter going for water. It definitely wasn't though not in my fair opinion. I reached the bar and told my girl everything that happened. She was intrigued and wanted to see it for herself. I always had a lot of strange feelings where we lived there on Westbridge Rd. It was a creepy place just kind of felt watched there was no other way to explain it. My dog chased off what I thought to be a bear at one time but looking back I feel it may have been a little more bizarre. I have had sleep paralysis episodes on the property in a guest house on one or two occasions that I can recall. Keyword is recall. My body is tensed up shaking when trying to recall exactly what happened in that valley after all those years. I feel like much of the experience is locked away from my memory.

Two or so weeks after the first event I was strolling out of our guesthouse to go to my garden shed when I looked out over the river once again hovering was the same triangular craft. This time my girl was with me. I rushed inside to grab her so she could witness it. We came back out just in time for her to see it at which point it again noticed us notice it and started to head off east again towards the Sapphire mountain range. I again hopped on my bike thinking somehow I could catch it. For some reason I was truly hypnotized by how strange and novel this craft was. Logically I knew for a fact I would never catch up to or even if see it for more than the few seconds it took to reach light speed or whatever it was trying to accomplish. Gone. It just disappeared. Fast too. I felt mass amounts of energy in the atmosphere just before it did its little magic trick. One day I may try to analyze this all further with some sort of regression technique but at this point my first m! ajor step is to report it.

Something deep inside feels like there is much more to this story than I can actively recall. I also used to travel around this area quite a bit hosting weddings and other events. I have witnessed a shooting green fire ball again fly over from the Bitterroot mountains over the valley floor and then. Boom. Gone. Right over or into the Sapphire mountain range. This particular sighting was south of Darby Montana. My girl and I also recall a time when we were driving into Hamilton from Woodside cutoff. Right past the bridge over the river I nearly hit what I thought was a raccoon or something the closer I looked it more resembled something on two legs. It looked more like a chimpanzee or monkey. I never linked all these experiences together but the further I get away from that valley the more strangeness I remember. The very last thing i want mention is an experience I had one early morning outside of Jackson Montana which is east of the Bitterroot valley in the Big Hole. We ! were packing up some studio gear from a show we booked at the local Hot Springs and my lady this time was sleeping inside while I was getting everything packed up. I heard the most unnatural strange frightening sound in my 36 years. At first I thought a cow was dying out in the pasture. There are many cows and livestock in this area but it didn't sound that way. It sounded more aggressive but like something on it's way out but more like something that is going to kill too. Rabies was all I could think. If a bison got rabies that would be the sound it was very loud and large whatever it was. If you ever want to experience the strange head to these parts of Montana something is definitely going on.