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Occurred : 10/28/2009 18:40 (Entered as : 10/28/09 18:40)
Reported: 4/7/2020 3:27:53 PM 15:27
Posted: 4/9/2020
Location: Milton, MA
Shape: Light
Duration:15 seconds
I saw a rotational light above a treeline in the woods of my town after work.

Hi, I’m ((male's name deleted)), I live in the Boston suburbs, I have a Bachelor Degree in English from University of Massachusetts Amherst. The event took place in my hometown, Milton, a Boston suburb in late October 2009 (I think it was on Wednesday, the 28th of October).

The event occurred at night. I was driving back from a job site in Marlborough, Massachusetts, and after exiting the highway in Canton, Massachusetts, entered the roads of a small nature reserve called The Blue Hills, heading towards Milton. It was raining lightly. I was driving on Unquity Road in the Blue Hills, headed towards the intersection of Blue Hill Parkway and Canton Ave, in Milton, around 6:40 pm when I noticed, to the left side of the road above the tree line, a rotational light, as though a lighthouse was built in the middle of the woods. I looked at it, knowing that it was a UFO, for that could be the only explanation of the sight. Just as I am paying attention to the light, I see an asterisk shaped blob of light on the side of the road, followed by the image of a medium height gray alien. I couldn’t keep my eyes on it, and had to keep driving, as it was rush hour and traffic was heavy.

After the event, I started feeling ill, getting panic attacks, then, in 2012 May, started having visions of an alien gray in what I can only describe as telepresence. I was working as an intern at a domain parking company in Waltham, and one day after leaving the office, entered my parents home in Milton, going upstairs. I looked in the guest room because something caught my eye, and witnessed a short gray alien with a large head situated within the wall of the room above the bed. I walked back and forth a few times, in disbelief, then as I sat down at my desk in my room, thinking about what I had seen, the creature began to engage me, entering my thinking space and thus began what has become commonplace to me over the past 8 years.

First, the gray seemed to produce an image of Storm from the X-Men (old animated series that was on TV in the 1990’s) which the gray used to communicate to me. I understood this as the gray had scanned my memory, since I used to watch that show frequently as a child. Over the years I have been bedazzled by dozens of sights similar to this one, I assume the gray has been making, confusing and befuddling me. I initially asked to be left alone, but the gray refused saying “no” when I asked it to leave. I then began having debilitating visions, leaving me unable to work that lasted all summer (2012), briefly leaving me in peace for 8 months the following fall and winter through spring, then returning, horrifying me summer of 2013 to current present (2020). Every once and a while the visions become very strong, startling and overpowering me. The creatures (there appears to be more than one now) seem upset that I seek out information about UFO sightings, insisting that I turn back (telling me to “turn back”), though I have tried that to no avail, as it seems to persist in engaging me, burrowing into my thought, even indicating it was planning on getting violent. The aliens repeatedly use words from Proto Indo European, that I had to look up online, often saying “sair” which I found on Wictionary as some Portuguese word meaning “leave.” They also say “zair” which I have discovered means “die.” These two words they say the most. It is unnerving.

I have experienced sleep paralysis often since then, seeing a blue tinged insectoid alien twice. I have told the local Fire Department about my sighting. I seem to be in constant communication with the entity/entities; it is very unpleasant as it appears I am merely allowed to sleep. I feel as though I have been snared by the creatures, and if they wanted they could kill me by preventing me from sleeping. I often times have closed eye visions of alien grays, light browns (like from the cover of Strieber’s book Communion), reptilians, and stranger looking creatures. I have experienced being tazed by them from an unseen weapon while trying to fall asleep once (in the absence of sleep paralysis), as they are able to that also. My experience has been very complex, confusing and drawn out.