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Occurred : 4/13/2020 20:40 (Entered as : 4/13/20 20:40)
Reported: 4/13/2020 6:57:41 PM 18:57
Posted: 6/25/2020
Location: Ashland City, TN
Shape: Formation
Duration:5 minutes
11, non-blinking lights, moving quickly in a single-file line across the sky. All equidistant and following the same trajectory.

A friend saw one light, pointed it out, and a debate ensued about whether it was a plane or satellite. It was a white light that did not blink, and was moving very quickly across the sky. No noises observed. As we concluded it was most likely a satellite, we then saw it was followed by an identical light. The second light was then followed by 9 more of the same. They followed the same trajectory and were exactly equidistant.