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Occurred : 4/14/2020 04:00 (Entered as : 04/14/20 04:00)
Reported: 4/16/2020 10:58:37 AM 10:58
Posted: 6/25/2020
Location: Davis, CA
Shape: Light
Duration:1 hour
Hundreds of “satellite light” type craft heading inland to Nevada

(I live on an airport in the Central Valley. If I am facing north, to my left, about 7 miles away are the mountains containing Lake Berryessa. Because the ground is flat, to my right I can see all the way to Sacramento, thirty or so miles away. At night I can see sky scrapers. Where I am, in the sticks, is mostly void of city light.

Also have you ever gone camping, away from the city, to where the sky is fuller of stars than you’ve ever seen? Have you ever spotted a satellite flying over you, on its singular strait pathed orbit? Or perhaps the international space station? It has a different path and is faster and brighter than satellites. The only reason you see the satellite, is because the sunlight is reflecting from the sun, off of them to you. And on its path, if it happens to duck behind the earth as you’re watching it. Shows the sunlight slowly start to fade as it does. Otherwise you can watch satellites travel their path for many many miles until they become dim from the curvature of the earth. They absolutely look like one solid point of light just like the surrounding stars. Get stars kind of have a slight red blue flicker to them if you really concentrate on them.

I’ve also spotted what seems to be a high-altitude jet that must be secret, really high up in the stratosphere, yet leaving the usual ice trail that any regular jet would leave. I am a skydiver. I live on an airport. I grew up next to an airport. I was a ship look out in the Coast Guard. If I don’t know about anything else, I should at least be able to spot a craft in the air, on the land or sea. And be able to hypothesize as to what it is.) It was 4 am. I walked out my door facing east. Out of the corner of my left eye, my attention was brought to a satellite looking type of light. But if was almost at a fourth five degree angle from me. I turned to loo at it. It was not an aircraft. It was not blinking. It had no running lights. It was as if I was looking up in the sky and spotting a satellite way up above our atmosphere. Yet, this thing had to be about a mile away from me, at 20,000 to 30,000 ft. It was heading towards my right, with is a path towards Sacramento.

(Interesting fact. At night, during normal not virus. You can watch the commercial jets flying in and out of the Sacramento airport in the way of my view of the city. All day, all night. Difference with this night. We are all coincidentally all stuck at home. No jets. No one getting up to go to work. No one to see what I was seeing.) As this thing passed me, I realize it’s being followed by another one, about a mile to three miles behind it. Same path. Same speed, which is under a hundred casual. As that one passed my position, another one behind that. Now I’m watching seven, eight, nine go passed. One of them was different. The only one out of the entire night. It was spinning in a different direction than the path it was on with its buddies. The side I was looking at, was just as bright as the rest. But once it spun its other side around. It was as bright as a strobe. Not strobing, solid light. Nothing about these things were blinking. Just a bright period floating by.

At one point a second path was formed, to the side of the original path and light points. It was closer to me, and started a pattern of the same spaces light sources, but staggered from them. Now they were coming in bulk. Same configuration, but continuous. After about ten minutes, I counted fifty of these things before running back in for my iPhone. When I came back out, I had lost count. But they just kept coming. I’m in the parking lot trying to take pictures of them, but the light is too low for the phone. I start trying to call people in my area. No one picks up, other than the owner of the property I’m on. I tell him to go out and look at these things. I explain to him what to look for and he goes.

These things were coming from what my perspective saw as the bottom half star of the Big Dipper. At four in the morning, if I’m looking north, the Big Dipper is to my north west. The handle is sticking strait up, ladles open in facing right to the north. The handle would be positioned over what I’d say is in the direction of Calistoga. If you follow that path, it probably brings you to the ocean after Jenner going north, and fort brag. All Mendocino county. Forrest and open land forever. No one but sleeping farmers to see. The path to my right takes them south past Lake Tahoe. If you follow that path. Well. Area 51. Over the the hour that I was out there watching. They must have realized the path they took was a bit close to sac, and too close to the ground. Because by the time the end was wrapping up, their path had gained altitude, and had corrected more south heading towards Lodi (south, the direction of the moon and Jupiter/mars). That was taking them right over my head! about a mile up. I took a picture of the last two that were together, but with an iPhone it’s garbage.

I watched this go on for more than an hour, and had watched more than a hundred go past. When I was able to get my landlord up, he text me about ten minutes later and said he saw what I was seeing. By then, it died down to just about one a minute. They were still coming in when dawn broke and I could hardly see them anymore. So I went back to bed. The next morning I woke up at four, just to see if I could spot anything. I was out there for ten minutes. I spotted three. This morning I tried again. I stood out for about twenty minutes. And did spot two. But everything was so overcast. It could have been anything.