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Occurred : 4/29/2020 00:45 (Entered as : 04/29/20 00:45)
Reported: 4/29/2020 10:45:55 AM 10:45
Posted: 6/25/2020
Location: Carson City, NV
Shape: Sphere
Duration:20 minutes
Bright Object jumping back and forth in sky followed by 3 star like diagonally lined object hovering in the sky

I was laying in my bed at approximately 00:45 on April 29th 2020 when something caught my eye in my backyard in Carson City, NV. The area I live in is a very quiet and dark neighborhood so any kind of unusual activity is quickly noticed. What drew my attention was the fact that I had just heard some kind of aircraft over head but couldn't tell what it was because I had music playing so I figured it was just a jet or airplane but then I noticed lights flashing in the backyard. This is NOT normal at all in my area and if I see lights at all it is because someone is here . Also my neighbor has censor activated lights that turn on when someone is up very close to the property but they did not light up and that is why I got out of bed and shut the music off because I saw lights in my yard and the neighbors but the censor lights had not been activated. I shut off the music and started to go towards the door in my backyard. I noticed that the frogs and crickets suddenly went silent and I got goosebumps on my arms. I was trying to look up at the sky because I saw what at first I thought was a star but that it was very bright and seemed to be moving rather erratically and in a jumpy and unusual pattern. I know for a fact that it was not an airplane because of the way it moved from side to side, it couldn't have been a helicopter because it was completely quiet and so much that even the frogs and crickets had stopped so it was complete silence . I also thought for a brief moment that it could possibly be a drone because they are common now in society as well but I can and have heard drones before and it was silent and the light emitting off this thing was far more powerful than even an airplane and looked bright enough to be a star. It danced above me in the sky for about 10 minutes and then flashed across the sky towards the North so I know that it couldn't have been a drone either because of the speed that it went and there fact that it! was up so high. I came back inside trying to grasp what I had! just se en and to ask my partner what he thought as well because I had alerted him to the lights and he was watching from back in the bedroom. He was quite shaken up as well and said that he couldn't identify the object either because like me he said that it was no airplane he had ever seen, he heard no noise as well and he noticed the frogs and crickets stopping also, and he said that it was too high and too large to be a drone. We sat in bed and were discussing what we had just seen when I noticed another flash up in the sky. I looked up and very very high in the sky I could see what at first I thought was three stars, but that they were moving as well. There was three lights that were at an angle in the sky that made a perfect line but the three star looking lights were moving up and down very very slowly like as if something was hovering. I started to think I was losing my mind or that I was going crazy but I asked my partner if he noticed or saw anything unusual in the general ! area I was seeing this and he confirmed that I wasn't seeing things because he said the exact same thing that he noticed that there appeared to be three diagonally aligned stars slowly hovering back and forth very high up in the sky. We watched for about 10 minutes and then they were just gone and the frogs started to croak again and the crickets started up again. It was very creepy and unusual at the very least and neither one of us could figure it out. I tried to search for anything weird happening in the skies in our town and near by towns that following morning but there appeared to be nothing about it in any of the news feeds that I searched in and then that is when I stumbled across this website so I decided to give my account in hopes that I wasn't the only one besides my partner in the town to observe this strange event.