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Occurred : 4/28/2020 16:00 (Entered as : 04/28/20 16:00)
Reported: 4/29/2020 10:20:04 AM 10:20
Posted: 6/25/2020
Location: Baker City, OR
Shape: Formation
Duration:45 minutes
I have never seen any thing like this and I use my binoculars several times a week.

Northeast of Baker City, Oregon and towards the Eagle Cap mountains (Wallowa Mountains) I was looking through my 10/50 binoculars at the mountains and spotted two objects in the sky. One was long and horizontal and the second one was round. Both appeared to be stationary in a fixed position. Also the distance between them never varied. Occasionally the sun would reflect off of them. After about a half hour cloud cover obscured them. After about 5 minutes the clouds moved on and they were in the same position and the distance between them still remained constant. When I first saw them I thought maybe a weather balloon but the shape was different and their position remained constant. I have 20/20 vision and could not see them without the binoculars. Finally after about 45 minutes high thin clouds obscured them again. After the clouds moved on they had disappeared.