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Occurred : 4/20/2020 22:00 (Entered as : 4/20/2020 22:00)
Reported: 4/28/2020 10:49:51 PM 22:49
Posted: 6/25/2020
Location: Chicago, IL
Shape: Light
Duration:2 seconds
Chicago Ohare Sighting 4.20.20

This is second time writing. First was for Reddit.

-I have told the story SEVERAL times by voice, phone, in person. It has never once changed. I have (during C-VID 19 Lockdown in Chicago) ALMOST convinced myself i didn't see it. But i did.

I was coming home from my parents in the suburbs. Heading to my place in Chicago where i live. It was POURING rain the entire 40 minute drive. It suddenly stopped, still bad conditions while i approached o'hare airport. I believe there is an underpass from i90 where ohare is literally above me on the bridge… As i exit this bridge right next to o'hare… i see the.most.beautiful. Shooting star i’ve eve imagined existed. (this is the first millisecond of time broken down) I saw this bright bright light shoot out of my vision. As this millisecond comes to a close, i realize that i saw this light fly AWAY from me. I am a mechanical engineer, i know my coordinate systems extremely well. I can tell you this light traveled up, and away from me (North East Direction).

The next slight millisecond of time consisted in me understanding all the sudden that this was NOT a shooting star. It was pouring rain not 5 minutes ago. I look up, the entire sky is covered with rain clouds. They are so presumptuous that they look like their 50 feet above my vehicle. This “shooting star” that i saw i realized left my plane of vision up and away and i still see where it went: a PERFECT horizontal break in the huge rain clouds. This all takes place out of the underpass of o'hare airport.

After realizing this light just escaped through that cover, the next millisecond in time is butterflies in my stomach. Because the light i just saw couldn't have been a shooting star given the cloud cover. I realize that i also saw the lights TURN INTO ONE LIGHT. From the close, o'hare type location i first saw it, i saw there were in fact 3 lights and during their exit it formed to one. The butterflies progress.

Another millisecond goes by; and i realize the lights are longgg gone. All the sudden my focus comes back, and i see two GIANT jumbo jets flying synchronized, in same exact direction, same exact plane of height of ground that the angle of the lights flew. These planes, giant aircrafts are moving fast i’m sure. But they're moving from my dumb perception slowly as they glide from a take off out of ohare. I line these up in my geometric mind; and i notice they are at the same plane the lights were, and the lights were PERFECTLY CENTERED in between these two flashing airplanes. As if the airplanes perfectly catapulted the lights. Or guided? Or Followed? Around this time i also noticed street lights separating east and west i-90 FLICKERED. Like a perfect trail in direction of that light… Also during this time it hits me of what i just saw.

My next move is to call my father. He is a wise realistic man. Straight shooter but absolutely believes in UFO’s. I call him tell him the EXACT description and words i just used to explain this. The very absolute second my story comes to an obvious end. We both hear, a click click clunk and the call drops from us. I call back, thinking perhaps he was messing with me? He thought the same of me. He rushes me off the phone and goes to bed (10:15 ish Pm) He is never like that he was very skeptical.

I think i was confirmed sighting, and they used my phone call as aid in their research whatever is going on. Since this i have just today posted on another website, and all the sudden today there is our USA govt. Releasing old footage of UFOs normalizing them? So now any local stories are blocked by CNN and CBS mentioning the pentagon releasing UFO videos. Also After my sighting 4.20.20 there was a METEOR SHOWER the next day. NIce odds right? Also same week that Elon Musk is sending satteltes out. This was definetly not that hence those need rockets, and this was silent and 50^300032.00290-10 times faster than any light i’ve ever seen.