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Occurred : 5/1/2020 22:30 (Entered as : 05/01/20 22:30)
Reported: 5/2/2020 1:51:17 PM 13:51
Posted: 6/25/2020
Location: Hamilton (Canada), ON
Shape: Triangle
Duration:24 minutes
Strange orbs in the sky followed by an enormous boomerang shaped craft.

Around 22:00 hrs I went outside and looked North and was observing the Big Dipper. At that time I saw several orb like bright figures dancing in the sky above me. At this time I had observed 6 and all were headed South East. At this time I texted my 15 year old daughter to come outside. Upon her arrival we witnessed approximately 6 more of these orb like crafts. Although all headed South East some would quickly accelerate higher up in the sky only to almost bounce back to their original location.

After about 20 minutes the activity died down. We decided that we should go back in the house but decided to take a few more minutes to observe. At 22:54 we suddenly observed an enormous boomerang shaped object slightly to the East of our location. I would guess that this object was approximately the width of a football field. This object was approximately 500 feet above us. This object was silent and did not have any lights. I am assuming that it was metallic in colour as it seemed to reflect the night sky. I immediately felt all of the hair on my body stand up. It moved very slowly Southbound. We observed this strange craft for 10 seconds before it vanished completely. At approximately 23:00 hrs we observed a helicopter in our area which was strange for so late at night.