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Occurred : 5/1/2020 23:00 (Entered as : 05/01/20 23:00)
Reported: 5/2/2020 12:07:45 PM 12:07
Posted: 6/25/2020
Location: Penfield, NY
Shape: Changing
Duration:Approx 1 hour fifteen min
Strange light/object seen moving over one hour in time

I don’t know anything about unidentified flying objects, air travel, flight, and very very little astronomy- so please bare with me. I called earlier today and it was explained to me that I could have been experiencing a trick of the eyes or other phenomena as the object observed hovered in the sky for around two hours, and there would have been plenty of phone calls in that time about the object. I don’t know what to tell you. I’m not sure if it was high enough in the sky for a large enough group of people to see it, but I could be wrong. It was too high to make a phone photo or video worth much of anything. With so much going on in the sky last night because of the asteroid shower, I don’t know how others weren’t looking and didn’t notice and call in. I’m a prided skeptic. I don’t consider myself a “UFO person.” I have no history of mental illness or reoccurring hallucinations of any kind. However, last night was such a weird experience for me I searched out this forum thi! s morning and write this post.

Last night around 11:10-11:30 PM my girlfriend and I interrupted a film we were watching to go outside and watch the asteroid shower. We were watching the asteroids for a while and looking up at the stars, when I noticed what looked like a star or a satellite that was moving what seemed like far off in the distance. We walked into the back yard, to get a better view over the house and because it was darker there. We both noticed it was moving a visible amount but it an elliptical, circular or linear fashion. Other stars in the sky behind it were stationary. On the phone I wanted to say “I *know* I saw it move!” but I knew you’ve probably heard that before. The only thing I can say is that it moved in the sky enough to travel over the tree line from our point of observation to back behind the same tree line again. It would stay perfectly still for a moment, and then it would move sporadically up and down, and then side to side before skidding over to another section of the sk! y. Over the course of an hour and a half, it made its way across the horizon- but not like a star or asteroid or satellite would. It would wobble, shoot forward, rotate slightly, and then remained fixed for a certain point- usually for a few minutes at a time. At a few points I was convinced it was a drone, but the movements were not similar to a drone‘s at all, and it wouldn’t have been able to fly for that long. Plus, it was so high in the air, it would have been closer to a helicopter in size.

There was uneven light coming off it, and it reflected on the clouds. It looked almost as bright as Venus at a few points, but you could tell that it was reflecting more on the clouds around it than the surrounding stars or planets were- like it was closer to them. At first, we thought it was a star, and then we thought it was a drone or some other hovering craft because it kept moving back and forth in the air a very noticeable amount. At one point I thought it was an asteroid because of how much fluctuation there was coming from the light source in the sky, and how quickly the shape of the light was changing. I misspoke on the phone, it was East of my location, at 86 degrees exactly- I downloaded an app on my IPad to take note of that specifically. Within the first two minutes of observation, it moved a great deal and sparked in light intensity, and reacted to what looked like another light in the sky. They moved in a semi circle fashion in relation to each other, and then! one split away. It looked like an asteroid. They were just far away enough where any iPad footage I took would have been meaningless with the wobble from my arms. One departed out of my frame of view, traveling North-Northwest within the first five minutes of me noticing then phenomena.

When I used a pair of binoculars, I discovered much the same- even with bracing myself, it was very difficult to see what the form actually was. It was moving, but I couldn’t get enough of a view to see what it was. At one point I could have sworn I saw an orange light shoot up into it, but I couldn’t be positive because it reminded me of an asteroid, and was very far away. It then remained stationary for a long while. I returned several times throughout the night alone, and each time the object was still there-however at a different spot in the sky. It would always move at some point though- and after a few minutes. Both my girlfriend and I confirmed movement in the same direction and the same time. She went inside much earlier than I did, and did not return outside. At first, the object looked like it had a trail, then it looked like it was surrounded in an aura of white light, then it looked like there were beams of light coming down from it three different directions.

I know you guys probably get a lot of far out stories and dramatizations, but this really happened and is going to stay with me. At one point, it settled in the sky and seemed to rotate and descend a little bit beneath the clouds- and when it did, I got a clear view of a stream of curved light emitting from the edge of the illuminated point, and for a moment against the sky I saw a dark gray saucer. It rotated, and I saw a ring of red lights underneath it. I covered my mouth with my hand and started shaking. I had to go inside after and lay down this was around 12:15.

I went to sleep around 1 AM. I checked if I could see it from my bedroom window before going to sleep at around 12:30-45 but I could not.