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Occurred : 5/5/2020 21:18 (Entered as : 05/05/2020 21:18)
Reported: 5/5/2020 8:12:55 PM 20:12
Posted: 6/25/2020
Location: Orlando, FL
Shape: Light
Duration:Approx. 1 minute
13 lights following each other in east Orlando, FL

My husband and I were sitting outside skywatching and at about 9:18pm, low in the sky, we spotted a light moving from north west to the south east. A couple of seconds later we saw another one, on a very close path of the first one. And a few more seconds went by and we saw another one, and another one, and another one. In all, there were 13 of them following, not the exact path, but a similar flight path… as if they were actually following each other. None of them blinked. They looked a lot like white stars, but moving.

The entire sighting lasted about a minute as we watched them go out of sight. I’ve been sky watching for years, and I’ve never seen satellites do that. I’ve seen a couple fly by, sometimes in the same direction, or in different directions at the same time, but 13 of them in a row, all heading in the same direction? If those were satellites, I’ve never seen anything like that before. It seemed extraordinary.