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Occurred : 5/6/2020 01:30 (Entered as : 05/06/20 1:30)
Reported: 5/6/2020 5:57:00 PM 17:57
Posted: 6/25/2020
Location: Syktyvkar (Russia),
Shape: Unknown
Duration:2 seconds
Square formation of 4 red lights outside the house

I live in the countryside in European part of Russia (Komi Republic).

05/06/20 at ~2 am I was sitting on the bed using my phone, with my night lamp turned on. My room is on the 2nd floor, and it was dark outside at that moment. The windows with low window sills are on the other side of the room.

I noticed lights behind my windows (where they shouldn’t be) and looked. There were 4 big red lights forming a square + multiple other lights of different color (white was there for sure). This whole configuration was steady and falling down fast, and I’ve been seeing it for only 1.5-2 seconds maybe, but I think I caught it distinctly, and it was quite big.

Seeing that, I thought I see some small aircraft crashing near my house, even though it’d unexpected location and time for it to happen (at first, there is overall very small aircraft activity near my city). I took my headphones off, there were no sounds.

This is the angle I saw my room from: It was darker outside than it’s in the photo. The arrow shows the direction of the fall.

It was hard to determine size and distance, and I didn’t see a form of the object, only lights. I don’t think it could be bigger than a car. Outside the window there is transmission line in 15 feet, then rare trees, then the road (30 feet from the window). It looked like it was at the road distance.

I emailed a photo of my room from the needed angle. I showed the location of the object and the direction of the fall. Also a part of the map.

After I saw it, I got spooked for some reason and stayed in bed. In 15-20 minutes looked out of the window, didn’t notice anything odd. In the morning checked the area outside. It’s a shame I got scared and didn’t look out the window the moment it happened.

I’ve been trying to find some mundane explanation for this situation.

* There is a road outside my house, but vehicles are rare at night and don’t leave any light reflections in my room. Only snow removal machines are the noticeable ones: loud, shiny, and leave a lot of light over the wall. Anyway, the snow is long gone. Moreover, I clearly saw something outside, and it left no reflections.

* A drone is highly improbable. I live in the “typical” Russian countryside: it’s not rural, but drones just don’t fly here.

* A sudden visual hallucination? I don’t use any drugs. I was fully awake too.

* There was nothing in my room to cause these lights.

* Could the transmission lines somehow cause it?