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Occurred : 5/10/2020 23:40 (Entered as : 05/10/2020 23:40)
Reported: 5/11/2020 6:45:58 PM 18:45
Posted: 6/25/2020
Location: Sequim, WA
Shape: Diamond
Duration:7 minutes
Diamond shaped UFO with 2 large red/blue lights demonstrated erratic flight patterns in clear night sky

I came out of my Man-Cave and happened to peer up at a clear star-lit night and noticed an interesting 2 tone light. So I watched and saw it was moving towards me in an erratic manner. It would stop and hover bobbing around, almost as if out of control. Then it would go straight up, stop, wobble and start to move again. At times it would drop straight down in altitude, then back up. The only time it looked steady was when on the move. While hovering it was all over the place.

I grabbed a pair of 8X binoculars and got a pretty clear view of this amazing object. Although a dark sky it looked like a diamond shape, longer horizontally than vertically. What stood out the most were 2 large circles of light. These circles seemed to be on the side facing me and took up 3/4 of the UFO side. The circles were perfectly round. The left circle was a deep red and the right circle a dark sky blue. The lights/colors were not glaring, but rather flat with depth. The lights did not flash, nor did they change. Through the binoculars the beauty of these lights memorized me. So perfect, so smooth/ depth dimensional.

I called out a friend and she confirmed what I saw. Eventually this UFO started moving away and North towards the Straight of Juan De Fuca a few miles away. As it left, again it would stop/hover in an unstable manner. It again dropped straight down, then moved off eventually falling out of site below a near tree line.

There is a small airport nearby and I see private planes and helicopters. The object I saw was no plane and flew far more erratically than a chopper. Although it was originally about 1.5 times as high as other small craft flying by. As I watched, it did drop to private plane altitude. I would say it travelled in a semi circle arc covering 2-3 miles. It was totally silent and I can hear the engines of private aircraft easily at similar distances. If I had to estimate, this UFO was bigger than the local Coast Guard helicopter. At least twice as big and bigger than a school bus. More like 2 or 3 city busses stacked. The light circles were disproportionally large. There were no other lights and I could see the dark diamond shape. The 2 large lights were always visible, so I got the impression this UFO never turned/rotated on axis from me. I know what aircrafts are and can say with certainty, what I saw was like no other aircraft I've ever seen. I will never get thos! e 2 huge lights out of my mind. Was this a drone? If it was it was far larger than any US military drones I've seen on TV. Besides the 2 lights I found it's erratic instability at rest while hovering very unusual for a craft in the sky. My reason for reporting this is in hopes someone else near me saw the same UFO. Plus what I saw impressed me enough to report.