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Occurred : 5/11/2020 01:30 (Entered as : 05-11-2020 1:30)
Reported: 5/13/2020 4:04:38 AM 04:04
Posted: 6/25/2020
Location: Arnegard, ND
Shape: Changing
Duration:1 hour
15-20 white/pulsing/objects form/fly in triangle and disappear.Red/Blue explosions when chasing each other in sky at impossible speeds

I had been working night shift all night and noticed what appeared to be a dying star or a meteor above a row of tanks to the north west. I decided to drive up the hill away from the flares on location to see it my eyes were playing tricks. So I watched for a couple minutes and decided to go back. As I was getting back in my truck I looked up again and saw this object move from the left to the right. I thought maybe I could get a better look if I had the time to set up my telescope. Then I seen it start flashing and start to get brighter At that moment I watched it fly from the Northwest to the southwest in a matter of seconds. Then it stopped and started circling around a few other stars. I wondered if it could have been space junk or a destroyed sattelite until the 2 "stars"t was circling started to move. The 2 objects started chasing eachother moving down towards the horizon. Then as they moved around one another, they both made these strange je! rky movements and then all I could see was what looked like red electricity then a red and blue explosion that light the inside of the clouds up. After the explosion I seen one of the objects moving towards the horizon, then I notice vortex from where he was grom but it dissipated quickly. Then I seen it changed shape or take shape since the I couldn't make out the initial shape of the object since it was moving too quickly, that's when I seen it turn black and shiny. As it hit the horizon it disappeared and reappeared a  short distance from where it was. It did this twice before I lost sight of it. After that I was amazed but also shocked at what I seen. I decided to set up my telescope to see if what I seen was a sattelite flying over head or something falling from orbit. While I set up I looked towards the spot I seen the explosion. seen another object fly to the north with the same speed and movements as the others. I watched it stop in the sky and stay still. Then 2 ! more joined it and another one fly below the others and stay s! till. Th en after about 5 minutes they moved into a triangle like formation and pulse and shaking. As I watched another object maneuver around what appeared to be more stars make  another explosion followed by a bunch of little red dots and flashes, in a matter of a seconds it was done. Then one by one these objects flew into this triangle formation towards the top in the same spot as the others then speed up and disappear. I watched close to 15-20 fly through and disappear while for a second every time they passed through it looked like a very small vortex form and disappear. I was awestruck and a little frightened. At the very end I seen the bright one that I had first seen, and it passed through and disaapeared as well. Then I watch all 3 objects fly in that same pattern towards the east. As it was leaving it looked as of there was a faint line in between them. It looked like it tilted upwards, but it was hard to tell, then they disappeared. I forgot to mention that all of these o! bjects had a white light that would change intensity; the one I seen turned black had a the shape of a Bell then as it turned black it looked like a dumbbell with a bottle cap on the top towards the middle. The rest were more saucer shaped but not as compressed. The bright one was harder to make out from it’s speed and the way it pulsed. I've seen this same triangle formation years ago in Wing, ND.