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Sighting Report
Occurred : 5/19/2020 06:05 (Entered as : 05/19/20 6:05)
Reported: 5/19/2020 6:53:07 PM 18:53
Posted: 6/25/2020
Location: Baldwin Park, CA
Shape: Light
Duration:10 seconds
Bright and sharp light in blue sky that fades away

UFO Sighting Event and report date: 5-19-2020. At approximately 6:05 am (right where El Monte and Baldwin Park [in CA] meet), while driving on the freeway, in the morning blue sky I saw a very bright and very sharp chrome colored light about the size of large star in the sky at about 45 degrees up. After watching said light for about 5 seconds and tripping out on its unique qualities, the light began to fade away very slowly and very smoothly. The light did not appear to move.

When I first saw the light, I thought it was a star (it was stationary like a star), but I quickly realized that it was far too bright outside (sky was blue) to be a star. Then I realized that this light was far sharper than any star, and this light did not twinkle or change colors like a star. It most definitely was not a star.

I knew it was not Venus because again it was far too bright outside to see any planets, and the light I saw was much smaller than Venus which is huge during this time of year. Also, Venus’s light has a clear white color whereas this light I saw a had a chrome or kind of colorless “color.” Then I deduced it was not an airplane or helicopter because this object was stationary and there was only a single solid light, no aircraft body, no blinking lights. At that time of day if it were an airplane or helicopter, I would have been able to see it. But it was just a light.

It was at this point that the hair on the back of neck started to stand up and I realized this is VERY WEIRD! About One second after feeling this “omg!” feeling the light began to fade, but fade in a very kind of subtle and smooth way. It was an extremely smooth and measured fading of the light. As the light was fading, seemingly in reaction to my “omg!” reaction, I was yelling out loud (alone in the car) “what the heck is that! OMG! Its fading away!? What the f*ck!!! It was truly bizarre.

The light reminded me of a magnifying glass focusing the suns light—it was a very sharp and very focused light, easily the sharpest light I had ever seen in the sky. And its chrome “color” was unlike anything I’d ever seen in the sky.

If the light was fading because it was moving farther away from me then the light was heading to outer space. From my location to the light’s location and angle, if it moved away from me it would be vectored towards outer space.