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Sighting Report
Occurred : 5/23/2020 21:12 (Entered as : 05/23/20 21:12)
Reported: 6/10/2020 12:55:16 PM 12:55
Posted: 6/25/2020
Location: Calcutta, OH
Duration:3-5 seconds
time anomaly, entities, craft.

weird time-anomaly. (missing/skipping time?) i walked into the house, after a short walk... my dad and his gf are up here visiting from florida, they were talking....i hung up my jacket (cool evening from a walk) time said "9:12" pm...

then, just as i was in the process of hanging up the jacket, it jumped thru, within 3 seconds, 9:13, 14, 15, to 9:17.....i watched it jump ahead each minute, very rapidly.

everything was still otherwise the same, even same 60 hz hum of electrical appliances working, so, it rules out electrical frequency-boosting...

checked other clocks...they **all** jumped ahead **including** the wind-up one hanging on the wall, that is mechanical, gravity and a pendulum operate it.

moreover, it was also heard, ticking normally, during this, as it was right behind me when i was hanging up the jacket onto the hook.

was this just local to this house? or, was it also experienced (but not mentioned, that i know of) elsewhere? i mentioned it, and asked my dad what it could be.

they did not notice it as it happened.

but, he said the 'atomic clock' could have been reset.

(would that affect a clock radio and clock on an electric stove? not sure. i seriously doubt it would have affected a wind-up clock.) very strange. and, i never, and haven't ever, done drugs, i don't even smoke or drink...surely was not mental. had i a camera operating at the time, it would have shown up on the footage.

odd, indeed. local to this house? or, others experienced, but unreported/unnoticed? moreover, we do have supernatural activity present. tall gray ets (interdimensional) and a lot of spirit-type activity (attacks) present.

these get seen, felt, and heard, they do something to my hands and feet, feels like a nine-volt battery on the tongue, in that spot where they touch. they also latch onto the body, and insert things into my head, into etheric aspect. (i am clairvoyant, psychic, clairaudient) i have actually filmed them poking at me, the camera did not see them, but looks like an invisible hand or finger poking into my flesh, it was my lower leg at the time. no muscle-spasms, it was in the soft tissue, not the muscle.

some of the entities make clicking and chirping noises, and they have molested me and my father, but left his girlfriend alone.

they (or spirits, unsure which are doing this) make me get headaches, and latch onto my privates and throat....the spirits speak english...some are good, some pretend, others are outright bad. in particular, a male and a female most prominent....and these often command the (probably) biological entities.

these spririts were seen, also, but only by me...human looking. i can recognise about 6 of them. one woman is blonde, short hair shoulder-lenght, white, looks older, 40s-60s. other woman dark brown curly hair, white, looks 30-ish. one man, blonde, crew-cut, tall, slim, looks 30-ish...other man, black curly hair, white, looks about 40, beard. other male reddish hair, beard, looks 40s, and there is a bald man that looks like he is african-american, looks 30.

the good spirits, of which i can recognise about three, the ones i saw, look young, like adolescent. girls, very beautiful. deep mahogany brown complexion, one looks tahitian, long wavy/curly black hair, perfect features. other has long wavy blonde hair, same perfect features, blueish, maybe greenish eyes, brown complexion, a bit lighter. other has long brown hair, straight, also perfect features as the other two. there are others, that were heard, but unseen, that are also good. i don't think they have anything to do with the ets, but try to help me.

i've had other psychics verify some of this.

the ets however, are mostly like grays...but have a brownish/dark gray complexion, tall, very big forehead/top of head, bald, ugly, mean.

my dad has seen these a few times, they can go thru the walls, like a shadow, but distinct form, sometimes wearing a cloak.

there are a few other types, some have the black eyes, others have yellow, vertical pupil eyes. some are amphiboid, toad-like, others are reptoid, big and muscular...all of them are pure evil...seen in highlandtown, as well...they seem to follow to other locations... even in florida, the clicking 'grays' according to my father.

i have also seen ships from time to time...some, round, spherical, others, black triangular.

these and the aforementioned entities (both the spirit type and the probable biologial type) were not seen during this event that manipulated time, but i have had a severe headache much of the day, from attacks that began the prior night...and they were heard.

i was attacked as typing this, something touched my hand, (palm near wrist, left hand, very unpleasant) but was unseen. i have to be in a relaxed state of mind to see them, for the clairvoyance to kick in, but the clairaudience can always be active, but right now, nothing is heard.

both of us are completely sane...neither of us do drugs, or have psychological issues. neither of us even smoke or drink.