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Occurred : 6/30/2013 02:30 (Entered as : 06/30/2013 2:30)
Reported: 7/2/2020 8:55:02 AM 08:55
Posted: 7/3/2020
Location: Sheffield, AL
Shape: Triangle
Duration:10 minutes
Multiple triangle shaped spacecraft seen buzzing from cloud to cloud on a full moon above the Tennessee River at the Shoals.

At the time, I was living in an apartment on the Tennessee River, also known as Pickwick Lake at Sheffield, Alabama. Unusually and out of routine, my three dogs, woke me up to go outside. I had them trained to sleep through the night, so it was strange. We left the apartment and went to the inner road and immediately I noticed how bright it was outside with smallish clouds suspended in the air above the river, their shapes perfectly defined against the black night because of the moon light. It was a spectacular view in and of itself. But then I saw something even more spectacular, these small shapes were moving about behind the clouds going from one cloud to the next, seemingly secreting themselves behind the clouds, and they seemed so close, like around 1000 feet up. There were multiple air crafts moving in a buzz like fashion, not like a typical airplane-like movement, straight with little variation. These were moving like you see insects move, like bumble! bees, or flies. I had never seen any air craft in my lifetime move like that with lights on it, no less. I stared at the scene for at least 10 or so minutes, completely aware that I was seeing something quite special and other-worldly. It was one of the most beautiful sights I have ever seen. I felt peaceful and not at all frightened. The part of the river I lived on is considered a holy place to several Native American tribes that consider the river their 'mother', back before the Corps of Engineers changed it permanently with installing dams for hydro power. Formerly, it was a place the umbilical cord from newborns were thrown as an honor to their 'mother'. There is a famous story of a teenager forcibly taken on the Trails of Tears, and was miserable in Oklahoma, so she broke away and completely alone, walked back to the 'mother' or 'singing river' as it is also called, finally arriving five years later. She married a Methodist Preacher and became known as a premier medicine woman for the region, touching many people's lives, with ! her exte nsive knowledge of plants and their healing and nutritious qualities. The reason I mention this, is that the area the spacecraft were seen, is not some random stretch of the Tennessee river, it was a holy place for thousands of years before white man came and changed everything. I appreciate being able to tell you this story. I was unaware of your organization until I read the story about Idaho having the most sightings of any state in the first quarter of 2020. Everything I told you about the spacecraft sighting is 100% true and accurate. Thank you.