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Occurred : 7/15/2020 21:00 (Entered as : 7/15/2020 21:00)
Reported: 7/19/2020 7:53:44 AM 07:53
Posted: 7/23/2020
Location: Hellertown, PA
Shape: Fireball
Duration:20 minutes
Objects with a fireball appearance, Hellertown PA

I was walking my dog behind my townhouse when I noticed a red "fireball" moving toward me in the sky. It reminded me of the embers that rise from a bonfire or the light ball that represents a fairy in movies. It moved very fast and then seemed to hover for a few moments before veering off to my left in the direction of Allentown and then just disappeared. I stood there for a few moments thinking WTF did I just see then continued to allow my dog to sniff around but stayed pretty much in the same spot. I looked up again a few minutes later and saw the exact same thing, coming from the same direction and behaving in exactly the same way. I heard my neighbor come out of their place and i called him over. He watched the second one with me. It did the exact same peel off toward Allentown and then after a distance just disappeared. My dog did not respond to either sighting. We saw planes on their normal flight path from ABE airport in Allentown but they ! all looked normal and did not appear to be anywhere near whatever it was we saw.