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Occurred : 7/30/2020 16:30 (Entered as : 07/30/2020 16:30)
Reported: 7/30/2020 10:07:21 PM 22:07
Posted: 7/31/2020
Location: Filer, ID
Shape: Circle
Duration:2 hours
There was a big thunderstorm passing over us. My daughter said what is that. We looked up and saw a white light circle shaped with just our eyes. Kinda looking like a big balloon. I ran to house and got my small binoculars and I could see a lot better picture. It had something structured in the middle of circle almost looking like a clock. I knew my gun scope was way more powerful so I removed it from rifle and now I can see the actual shape clearly. Almost clear in the middle with a circle of lights all Around the perimeter. I could see the spacing of the lights. I have the scope to My wife. She confirmed what I was seeing. Same as my two daughters. There was some kind of structure in the middle. Like a arm going across. We watched it go from the south to north with a eastern tilt. As it got darker the lights changed color to amber. Then it was apparently gone none of us saw it but it disappeared so we thought. My wife used the scope and found it again. It was just a lot smaller. But still visible. Then she said it was flashing lights. I took the scope and confirmed a quarter of the circle was flashing in a pattern like a police officer car motioning traffic. White light. We had a large thunderstorm to our north that creeped in and we were not able to see anything but one flashing light that wasn’t moving. 1045pm.