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Sighting Report
Occurred : 8/13/2020 22:30 (Entered as : 08/13/20 22:30)
Reported: 8/15/2020 10:47:26 AM 10:47
Posted: 8/20/2020
Location: Worcester, MA
Shape: Disk
Duration:30-45 minutes
Tube of manipulated light and gravity and disc shaped craft sighting

UFO Sighting: Thursday August 13, 2020 Sighting occurred between 10pm and 12am in Worcester, MA, 01605 In order to be as transparent as possible, I will admit that I had, over the week leading up to this event, engaged in experimenting with the psychedelic drug “DMT”. Unfortunately, due to this awareness of my altered states of consciousness, a lot of people with whom I’ve talked with seem to dismiss my experiences as “drug psychosis”, however I believe if anyone were to interview me, my testament is so honest that unless what I experienced was in fact a drug psychosis, I can only attribute my experience to some sentient being making contact with me while I was in a psychologically “open” state of consciousness.

On Thursday evening I was sitting in my bedroom watching episodes of a television show called “King of the Hill” with my partner. I remember the specific episode was regarding Tarot cards and magical themes, which is relevant to some other “supernatural” phenomena that I’ve been experiencing. During a particular scene where the characters were invoking a “magical ritual”, I felt the air around me shift, and I knew that what I was experiencing was only for me and not my partner (he did not experience the phenomena, but can attest to my urgent and focused behavior). When I say the “air shifted”, what I really mean is that I believe, through the television’s waves, gravity was being manipulated, and I was being called upon by something that made me feel overwhelmingly compelled to follow it.

From the television, I can plainly see a tube-like faint glimmer providing the “map” in which I was following. It looked slightly pale yellow and translucent. I ran out of the house with no shoes, cellphone, keys, ID, or anything but the clothes on my body. I left the doors agape and left in such a frenzy that my partner tried to chase me, but ultimately didn’t follow me beyond the end of our street. In that moment, I was so compelled to instinctively follow this feeling in my stomach that knew there was something to behold on the other end. As I’m speed-walking through the neighborhood into the woods nearby, I hear lots of dogs barking in a fright for a few moments, only to all suddenly go silent, which I thought was unusual.

As I’m following the “tube” I was in a trance like state. I thought it was divine, to be honest, until I felt the gravity tube go from pulling me forward to pulling upwards. I looked up to see a LARGE craft that made a very faint noise which sounds similar to when an airplane is heating up the engines before takeoff. It appeared to be traveling at a fast, but not overwhelmingly so cruising speed. The craft was a circular, flat disc which I could only see from the bottom from my vantage point, but it had (I believe) either nothing on it whatsoever, or faint lights surrounding the outer perimeter of the craft; though I believe it was the latter, I cannot be certain. The craft also moved through the air as if it was frictionless, which is physically impossible (to my knowledge) unless it is able to operate in either a state of superposition, or if it could manipulate gravity itself.

I tried to get the crafts attention by waving, but I did not make a sound. I was speechless, but to be quite honest, not surprised. Unfortunately, the craft flew past me and I was left following the direction the tube shifted to, but it grew faint when I got to a parking lot which was empty except for two vehicles. The tube led me directly to one specific vehicle; I approached a man whose face was illuminated by a light and attempted to inquire if he was experiencing anything strange, however I quickly saw that the man was masturbating to something on his cellphone, so I walked away startled, but did indeed call out to him from afar asking him if something weird was going on. Obviously, the man said yes, but If it were not for the tube that led me directly to approach him, specifically his cellphone, I would have felt less convinced that this is something that uses satellite technology or cell phones to communicate. I believe these beings may be using technology to manipula! te gravity remotely.

Unfortunately, I was not able to follow on foot for much longer, as the tube of light led me to Worcester Technical School where I lost the trail. I walked all around the premises trying to get in to no avail. There is, without a doubt, video surveillance of me in the school’s possession which can hopefully provide a more accurate timestamp of when this occured, as it was only within 10-30 minutes after the sighting that I arrived at the school.