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Occurred : 3/10/2020 06:40 (Entered as : 03/10/2020 6:40)
Reported: 9/10/2020 1:20:18 PM 13:20
Posted: 11/5/2020
Location: Isle of Man (UK/England),
Shape: Other
Duration:20 seconds
Bright star looking object size of basketball moves across hill/field dissappers in copse of trees

One was looking out of the bedroom window. My view is small green hills, where sheep graze and scatterings of copse of trees, which is roughly half a mile distance. I am familiar with this view. The time is dawn it was roughly 6:40am. Literally and I mean literally before the sun appeared I see what looked to be a 'star shape' light/sphere (it looked like a sphere but had white light radiating from it 360°) moving across the hill/field from left to right. It looked like a star that one sees in the night sky. I estimate its size to be similar to the size of a basketball.

It glided/floated/sailed? in a smooth and steady horizontal line into the copse of trees then did a 90° rapid downward turn and vanished literally just before the sun started to produce light to what had been up to then relatively dark, dawn time dark.