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Occurred : 9/11/2020 20:26 (Entered as : 09/11/20 20:26)
Reported: 9/12/2020 6:15:03 PM 18:15
Posted: 11/5/2020
Location: Conifer/Pine, CO
Shape: Flash
Fast, low flying object flew through our valley, then went out of sight and then came back and starting moving/reappearing erratically.

Standing on my deck and it looked like something flew through the mountain range/Valley. It looked like a shooting star at first but it flew straight and too low, at a speed too fast for anything man made, then it disappeared. About 1 minute later it came back and was moving and flashing oddly back and forth, up, down and sideways like it was scanning the ground below or looking for something. I ran into grab my phone and turn all my lights off and it was gone. All the dogs in the area started barking at the same time.