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Occurred : 9/6/2020 22:00 (Entered as : 9-6-20 22:00)
Reported: 9/14/2020 5:00:05 AM 05:00
Posted: 11/5/2020
Location: Portland, OR
Shape: Sphere
Duration:All night
Star splits in two, then three and they move around randomly. Upon magnification it’s not a star but a warbling pulsing spherical orb(s

Wife went outside with the dogs and when she came back in she said she’d been watching a UFO outside and for me to come out and take a look with her. I thought she must’ve been mistaking a planet or even a chain of Starlink Satellites, but what we saw I can’t explain. It was a star that split into two and then three different stars that then began moving at random. There is nothing that I know of that can or will exhibit that type of behavior. No drone, helicopter, airplane, weather balloon, planet, Star, the ISS, or any satellite can perform what we saw. And it’s come back several nights in a row and we’ve had a total of 8 people now including the 2 of us that have eyewitnesses this phenomena. There’s too much smoke from the filters fires to see anything presently, but as soon as the air clears we will continue to go out at night and see if it/they return. I have video but my hands aren’t steady so it’s hard to see determine how much the light moves c! ompared to how still I’m able to hold the camera. I’m going to use a tripod next time