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Occurred : 6/30/2002 22:00 (Entered as : 2002 22:00)
Reported: 9/16/2020 2:24:33 PM 14:24
Posted: 11/5/2020
Location: Manila (Philippines),
Shape: Triangle
Duration:3 minutes
Black triangular aircraft in a closer distance, gracefully moving without engine sound, flashed a bright light, disappeared in seconds

I would like to share my experience with close encounter with an aircraft/UFO when I was young. My brother and I are afraid and hesitant to share it to others as people might misunderstood and labelled us with weird behaviour especially in our country. I couldn’t make a report in our country as I couldn’t find any UFO researchers too. At first I thought it was just me but my brother remembered too and we cannot deny it anymore, especially recently when a video of September 14, 2020 UFO showed up to a lot of people and I found out about TR3B military. The aircraft that we saw is quite similar to this objects that reminded me more about the incident years ago and would like to share it. I would like my statement to be added in your research study, hoping it will help. We also like to be enlightened and find the answers in time.

This happened between 1998-2004 Philippines in Alabang Area for about 3-5minutes. We forgot what year it was as we both couldn’t remember much but as times goes by as we age there are things we remembered on what happened that night. It was late night maybe around between 21:00-23:00 at our house. Our house is located in South area of Manila and located on top of the hill. My brother and I were playing outside of the house with my parents when we saw a triangular aircraft going closer to our house. The black UFO were moving silently and gracefully towards our rooftop. There’s no sound of engine and it was moving slowly and stopped on our roof. The distance is very close to our roof, the aircraft turned off the lights (the lights are like beams that you can see on the sides of an airplanes) as they stopped and parked on top of our rooftop. As they turned off the lights, the entrance or door in the middle of the aircraft opened and there was a very white bright light wherei! n we couldn’t see anything. It took only seconds when the door opened on top of us and it closed again. Then theres a big flash of lights on us, it’s like a camera click thats so bright that is similar to Men In Black movie that they use. The aircraft lights were turned on again ready to take off after the big flash. When the aircraft lights were turned on they vanished in just a matter of second in the sky. I cannot explain how it happened that they just went to the sky very smoothly and vanished in a matter of seconds. That incident happened with our parents but it was only me and brother who just remembered it. And during that incident the surroundings are weird as if it stopped the time and we were frozen and as they flash the light on us and left we couldn’t remember anything much especially our parents couldn’t remember any trace of what happened, especially by the time the aircraft stopped on the rooftop and opened the doors and before the big flash. But as we grow ! old we remember the highlights of the incident and we know for! sure it really happened. And I was stunned when I saw the TR3B because it’s quite similar but during that year and especially in our country that military aircraft is impossible. Until now, we couldn’t believe it happened to us and this amazed me and my brother.

It’s still questionable for us, why the villagers people seemed not to see the aircraft nor our parents couldn’t remember anything. The aircraft is really beautiful, sophisticated and seemed advance/futuristic structure of aircraft ( It’s not a colorful aircraft) . How can such aircraft glide silently on air, stopped on a very low height (too close to the roof for an aircraft to stop) and vanished in just seconds and flash of light on us, that maybe erased the memories and caused our parents not to remember anything and might not seemed to work with me and my brother. Lastly, we couldn’t remember much what happened between when the door opened with bright lights and and by the time they flash a light on us before they left as if the time stopped and the unexplainable weird surrounding is still a mystery. I would like to share this in your study. Thank you