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Occurred : 10/2/2017 23:15 (Entered as : 10/02/17 23:15)
Reported: 9/21/2020 4:18:24 PM 16:18
Posted: 11/5/2020
Location: Signal Peak (near), ID
Shape: Light
Duration:20 seconds +
Falling star -wasn’t a falling star !

While driving to Montana, we witnessed what we thought was a falling star ... right after it came through the atmosphere it stopped, paused for 3-5 seconds then zipped straight down to only 500-1000 yards above the mountain in under a second ( like a laser pointer zipping across the floor while teasing a cat ) . It again stopped for 2-3 seconds then zipped well over 7 miles towards our right (south of us only 1/2-2/3 miles from us ) and stopped again. This time 5-7 seconds... it was bright but non familiar glow slightly pulsing. Though it was bright - it didn’t light up the mountain side like I would have thought it should . Like a helicopter searchlight would . Then zipped straight past the horizon line away from us to the south in about 1 second or less . From my experience in the military, there is nothing that accelerates like that then comes to a complete stop ! The g forces alone would crush a pilot ! Drones ( even the! classified ones ) use a propellant and would leave a sonic boom ! Nothing , not a single sound was heard . The mountains, usually loud with ambient sounds were silent. We called this hotline to see if anyone knew what we saw and the guy answering was rude . So we said “Fu*k it” and never reported it . Knowing what little I do about our military I figured it was a program I wasn’t involved with and let it be .

While flipping through an old news like I saw the video and report s the government leaked . Seeing the “tic tac “ report it sparked the memories we had that night . So, here I am... on a site of what I used to think were people whom had too much time in their hands .. the same people whom like in the city and when in the country, see a bear and report it to be a Bigfoot . I thought you people were all nuts ! I still kinda do . But what I saw is definitely “an unidentifiable aircraft” ! Most of the other reports I believe are explainable in one way or another . But others are truly unidentifiable. So . Hope this helps your data collection. PS: On another note after reading down the questioner here , the drive to the Montana border was supposed to be only 40 minutes away... but we didn’t arrive there until after 3 ? We stopped to take a leak and change a diaper or two on our youngest . But thinking back I’m not sure why . Most likely I was so puzzled by what we saw we were going slower than the speed limit . We were tired so not sure if that’s anything like “ missing time “. Those of us who have young kids know what I mean .. the whole day is “missing Time” when you have kids . NOTE: someone asked me to draw the flight path and notes about the location when I called some years ago . If you like , I can email it to get a better picture for you .