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Occurred : 9/19/2020 22:10 (Entered as : 9/19/2020 22:10)
Reported: 9/23/2020 11:24:25 AM 11:24
Posted: 11/5/2020
Location: Plant City, FL
Shape: Chevron
Duration:~4 seconds
Boomerang shaped craft over downtown/historic district of Plant City

Note: I will put a full detailed description of the craft at the bottom of the report for extra clarity At 10:10-10:15pm on Saturday night (date was 9/19/2020) my best friend and I had just gotten back from getting some food from a local fast food restaurant. We pulled into the driveway and parked my car and had our usual end of the day catching up before getting out.

Once we got out of my car I took about five steps and was standing behind his car, which is parked directly to the left of mine, and noticed movement in the sky above me.

I looked up and to my shock saw a boomerang shaped craft about 150-200ft off the ground cruising slowly over our house, the wildest thing was that it was completely silent. I could hear crickets chirping and cicadas all around us but not this thing.

It was heading towards the southeast. I watched it for a good two seconds before i slapped my friend on the shoulder and told him to “Look at that fucking thing” and he saw it as well, we both watched in complete disbelief for another two seconds before it disappeared behind a tree that’s in a neighbot’s yard behind our house. After me freaking out for a good two minutes I told him to get in the car because we were going to try to follow it since I thought it would be flying towards a specific area that has been known, by my family at least, to be a small hotspot for UFOs/ UAPs. Unfortunately we did not end up seeing it again after we lost sight of it behind the tree. If i had to guess I’d say it turned before we got in the car to try to follow it, I genuinely believe there should be other witnesses to this somewhere in town because of the simple fact that it was flying so low.

Description: The craft was boomerang shaped and 25-35ft from wingtip-to-wingtip. It was mostly black but the perimeter of the craft was white with lights(?) that were turned off lining the outside of it. The tree it eventually disappeared behind is probably 75-80ft tall and this thing was NOT far from the top of it at all. It was moving very slow, it’s hard to put a MPH estimate on it but it went from overtop where our pool would be to disappearing behind a tree in about 4.5 seconds.