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Occurred : 10/10/2012 21:00 (Entered as : 10/10/2012 21:00)
Reported: 11/8/2020 7:12:34 PM 19:12
Posted: 12/23/2020
Location: Andover, MN
Shape: Other
Duration:20 minutes
Invisible with Blue flame. Beyond Comprehension.

The object was first observed in the middle of our 3-seaon porch in Andover MN 55304. I just happened to walk out to the porch as it was a beautiful fall night out. I was reading a magazine on the couch when out of the corner of my eye, I noted a small blue flame slightly below eye level and as I was looking toward the house. The blue light (flame) then disappeared. Now, I thought for sure I saw something quite unique (not just ‘seeing things’), so to be sure, I did a couple of things. I called out to my wife who was in the house. She did not initially answer as she was putting the kids to bed upstairs. That meant that she nor the kids could have had an object that could have caused a deflection in a window or something. Also, there are periodic cars that go by a few hundred yards behind our house (and can be seen sometimes through the trees). I tried to see if I could find a deflection of light on the windows from any cars coming by and could no! t come close. I of course have never seen anything like this in the years of being on the porch, but none-the-less, I just wanted to confirm this. I also moved my head around in all forms, as I wear glasses, and possibly I was getting some oddball deflection off a rim or something. In all events, I was unable to remotely get any colored light to occur (or any reflections for that matter). And also as a Christian, I was thinking that maybe it was some type of sign. There was no feeling at all that it was intended to be a spiritual sign (which I kind of was hoping for...and I was not exactly a believer in UFO's). In any event, after the first 2-3 second blue light flame, I went back to reading the magazine, and had to mark it up to just a very odd (but believable) sign that was just mysterious.

But after about 4 minutes, there it went again. About another two-three seconds of a blue flame occurred, this time maybe about 1-2 feet from the original flame I had seen. Now, based on the distance traveled, and where I first saw the flame, I believe that I walked through the ‘UFO’. That’s right, the UFO was invisible, and I walked right through it. By now, I know that I saw something beyond belief, but had no idea what it was. And At this time, I was a little scared as I have no idea its intent. I was thinking it could attack so I tried to play it cool and not stare at the empty space where I thought it occupied. I would still glance, however. After another 4 minutes, boom, there the light hit again. This time it had moved about 3-4 feet so it was picking up speed, albeit very slowly. But, this time, the light was on the other side of our three-season porch window. It could fly through the window! Not only that, but I would say that there was no slow down! for flying through a window. This ‘UFO’ is now showing anti-gravity, invisibility, energy production, and matter transparency (i.e. fly through matter), all while demonstrating physical control. And, when assuming it was sent as a probe to investigate our world, then it also means that it can maintain a memory of its travels while being all the things above. Beyond belief.

After the third blue flame, I began to think it was not weaponized, and may not want to hurt me. So, I did stand up and walked to the 3-season porch door toward the deck and continued to look for it. I saw it again about mid-way on the deck, a little higher than eye level if sitting in a chair. After another 4 minutes or so it started to pick up a little more elevation and was off the edge of the deck, about another 8 feet away. I was now out on the deck following this thing. One more light was seen about 12 feet off the deck, higher yet and near the pine trees. After that, I figured I should be able to see one more blue light about 15-18 feet up from there and close to the pine trees (Based on the parabolic trajectory, I did not think it would have been in the tree). Unfortunately, I was unable to see this last expected flame.

That evening, I watched the 10:00 evening news weather report (it was a cloudy night) and I was looking for a blip in the radar that might be a mother ship. Yeah, right. There was nothing seen on radar as one would expect. And, I also told my wife about what I had seen (that I saw a UFO) so that I would know I was not dreaming this. A few weeks after, I asked her if I told her about the UFO, and she confirmed that I did in fact tell her about it (Confirming to me I wasn’t dreaming).

The ‘UFO’ itself was estimated as roughly the size of a single peanut (based on the flame size). I was only 4-5 feet away from it initially.

Beyond reason, comprehension, and understanding, the ‘UFO’ that was observed in October was one of futuristic wonder. Based on my estimates, it would take humans 600 years to understand and develop anything remotely close to this UFO, as we would need to harness and control light (I presume it was created with and internally controlled by self-controlling electromagnetic waves within its own ‘orbital’). Something not even comprehended with current knowledge. Probably 6 Eureka moments of Newton and Einstein will need to occur with significant ongoing development between each to achieve such a wonder. Maybe it will take multiple waves of Artificial Intelligence to advance to such a level and reduce the time of comprehension. But for today, beyond understanding.