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Occurred : 3/29/2019 14:30 (Entered as : 03/29/2019 14:30)
Reported: 11/19/2020 12:48:29 PM 12:48
Posted: 12/23/2020
Location: Kalispell, MT
Shape: Oval
Duration:2 minutes
Tic-Tac UFO in the afternoon

This is the infamous Tic-Tac...Not on radar, not from a display in a high speed aircraft.

Many of you have read this story or heard it on My Alien Life Podcast.... Here is an added illustration.. This is from memory, but is 99.99% accurate. I have been creating this and trying to get this perfect for a year.

This is exactly what I saw.

If it were a movie, you'd see the color of this object change; much like how a squid changes its color in the ocean. It was pearl white, but would darken and lighten in shades of grey and white as if it were reflecting the shades of clouds. There is little doubt the skin of the object was perfectly smooth and was reflective; however I believe it was changing color for a purpose, or a reaction to something. It was changing its color mechanically or bio-mechanically.

At one point I believe it was a mile or so away to my right and as I turned off the main highway to get closer, it moved away. It didn't move away from me in measurable distance. It was as if the sky was a sheet of latex and someone behind it was pinching it and pulling it away and upwards, forming a concave cone of space.

This cone was very apparent, however you had to be paying attention and at the same angle I was witnessing. I truly believe if you were looking at it a 1/2 mile to my right or left you couldn't see the Tic-Tac because it was inside the vortex of space and time.

It receded into space away from me; stretching the cone until it was out of my site. Then the cone faded into the blue sky.. Here is my original narrative of the event.

March 29, 2019 I was traveling through northern Montana at about 2:30 PM west of Kalispell. The sky was mostly clear with a few small white wisps of clouds. The four lane highway curved slightly to the left and for a few seconds I was able to see the western sky without obstruction.

I noticed an object I thought may have been a kite or drone. The highway took a slight right curve and now the object was about 10 o’clock out my driver’s side window. I looked out and was able to locate it easier because it was closer and I could easily tell it wasn’t a kite or drone, however at this time I though it I may be seeing a white trainer type airplane at an angle that showed me the tops or bottoms of the wings. It was approximately one mile away.

I have mentioned in my podcast Star Wars I had a single sighting of multiple crafts back in the early 80’s. I described these craft as medication capsules and now many are calling those Tic-Tacs.

I was trying to get a good visual and drive at the same time and it didn’t take long for me to determine this object was in the same place for 30 or so seconds. It wasn’t moving and I absolutely knew at this time it was not a conventional aircraft and I was also estimating it could be approximately 40 feet long (tic-tac) and wasn’t more than 700 feet up and to my left.

In front of me less than ½ mile was an exit and an overpass. The overpass angled slightly to the south and when on that overpass I knew the object would be directly in my front windshield and I would be higher than the highway and I would have a perfect unobstructed view.

I accelerated and right before I hit the ramp I glanced over and the object was still present and hadn’t changed. I came to a stop before turning left and glanced over and the object hadn’t moved. At this point I honestly did not want to charge in the direction of the object as I felt it may retreat or disappear. I crossed over the highway and the object was there and I do believe it was slightly farther away, but I had an excellent view.

It was certainly Tic-Tac shaped, or slightly proportionally longer. At first I thought it could be two objects close together as it looked like there was a bifurcation. At this time the object was no longer totally white, but had tone gradations from white to gray to silver. The distal ends were definitely white and rounded and there were white patches on the surface. The different shades this object was displaying made me think at first they were reflections of clouds from the east. Briefly I had the notion this object had a mirror or silver finish. At this time I could clearly see the patterns were changing and it reminded me of how the color changes on a giant squid. This object was pulsating with grey, white and silver and it was not totally bifurcated. It was one object and the left side was displaying the color patterns and shapes exactly as the right side. It was a pattern or almost camouflage as both sides were matching each other’s pattern. The change was ! gradual and flowed slowly, but it was very apparent.

I got to watch this display for about 30 seconds and the object started to get smaller or slowly moved away strangely. When I say strangely, it seemed that the portion of blue sky around it moved and changed. There was a distortion in the clear blue sky. I was switching back and forth with and without polarized sunglasses to figure this out this whole scene, but it was almost like the blue sky in a circle around the object moved backwards. Like the sky was making a concave cone and the object was in the center and the cone was stretching the sky away from me. The object was traveling backwards at no more than 50 miles per hour or that was my perception. Again at the same time I perceived it moving away or getting smaller. Very strange..

Then like all good UFO sightings it was gone.