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Occurred : 11/26/2020 00:00 (Entered as : 11/26/2020 0:00)
Reported: 11/28/2020 9:44:10 PM 21:44
Posted: 12/23/2020
Location: Pollock, LA
Shape: Changing
Duration:2 hours
Bright orange orb stalking my farm. We have had 4 incidents. It changes shape and colors as well as comes all hours.

October 31- November first week 2020 Ok so I have to post, bc this situation has become a little more scary.

*2 weeks ago we had an incident at our new farm.

Around 9pm I went to shine (flash light) the pasture bc we have had alot of deer in the area. We feed them and its cool to show my little girl all the deer at night in our pasture.

I spotted no deer but a bright light that was in the tree tops but it kept hiding behind the trees literally every time I tried to get a better look. (Almost as if it didn't want to be seen) pretty crazy I'm thinking during the time, as I try to rationalize what I'm seeing.

I call out to my husband to confirm that I'm not crazy but to see if he sees what I see. Which he does. But it spooks him so he goes back inside. I guess that I should have listened to him bc after all I have been keeping up with Paulides. But the curiosity took my better judgment.

I then witnessed what my brain rationalized as a shooting star, but it didn't have the path like a normal falling star, it went midway from the air, and then straight over kinda like a arch towards the light, 7 mins later another one did the same thing but this time it traveled vertical then horizontal to the light. After keeping my eyes on the falling star looking lights the big light was gone.

Now 2 weeks later Last night we were shining the pasture (this time with a new bigger spot light, it was around 9pm. I scanned the pasture with the light left to right, right to left. Then left to right. Immediately a very orange sphere light turned on in the back left corner tree tops and it was very low, I'd say a foot shy from the top of the trees in the very back of our pasture and it started coming towards me (backdoor) I screamed for my husband and he came to the back door and saw it too and immediately yelled at me to close and lock the door, do not go outside. And to put away the spot light. 3 secs after he and I saw it it disappeared.

3am: I woke up, lit a cigarette at the back door, and grabbed the light to shine the pasture (I know stupid me,) I shined for deer again left to right right to left left to right (no deer) which was odd in itself. They are their every nite! Then like a light switch, the bright orange light appeared again, this time it was further than before and over the middle of the pasture and appeared higher in the sky. It turned on then it faded off (only took a few secs) it did this 3 times! I went go my husband out of bed but it never came back on afterwards, he scolded me about opening the back door and shining the spot light, but it has us both kinda quiet and just in shock this morning.

Kinda worried whats going to happen next? Nov 26 2020 Update with proof and recordings and pics! I was @ 455-515am walking to my deer stand in my back pasture, not paying attention to the sky behind me until a saw a flash of a shooting star in front of me. I got the feeling that gut feeling i was being watched, so I turned around and there was the bright orange light from several weeks ago I posted on here about. I immediately froze still with fear! I saw the light climb higher in the sky and then proceed to turn a darker orange and get bigger! I had my deer rifle and my cellphone and I started calling my husband over and over and over again but he was sound asleep and wouldn't answer my phone call. I was so terrified that I was not going to teach my back door step in time. I ran into the house screaming at my husband that the orb was back and that it was directly over me after coming over the house into our pasture. I ran inside and started asap recording.

*what you will see is shocking! *I recorded for over an hour 45min! *I even talked to it, and it seemed to be intelligent enough to respond to my questions and requests! *You will see that everything i asked it to change color or shape it did! *maybe yall can figure out what shapes it showed me.

*also when I would turn off the recorder to take pics I was in shock to see a bright solid yellow round orb at the end of my driveway as well as at my feet! The orb was a solid yellow (you will see), I also saw and caught several other colors like red, green, white, orange in the low of the woods across my driveway and even in the ditches! (You could not see them with the naked eye nor the video camera, *only the camera option on my phone! 2 nights ago my friend who I posted on here back I. April the recordings of the crafts and lights as well as orbs coming out of the grown and the chanting noises, called us bc I reached out to him bc of what I had experienced here. He told us that as we were on the phone he was experiencing as well as bid neighbors along of crafts and that his phone and his parents were doing all kinds of crazy stuff. The screens were very fastly going thru or scanning thru his contacts, texts, settings and the alarms in the house were going off. His neighbor caught some wild and scary things on their cameras and it was so scary his friend went home and refuses to go out side at night or at dark anymore! I should mention that his neighborhood is only 2 miles behind our house thru the pine thicket woods behind out house which is where we first noticed the light and the horrible musty, wet dog, saturated urine smell when my deer disappeared for a week! He too mentioned that there was a very mu! sty smell during the incidents he was having! He worked in the military and years ago went into a megalithic structure where it was an ancient structure 16,000 yes old! He said that he had some pottery he got from there and since then this activity has magnified at his home! He has been in the hospital but was released 2 days ago and when it got dark that nite the lights and orbs showed back up with a vengeance! Though this time they are messing with his and his parents phones, computers, and now all of the pottery he had from the ancient structure is now disappeared! He also says he gets messages telepathically but that he is no longer scared but feels as if they are asking and guiding him for help. (I can't speak to much about him bc I'm not there) but his neighborhood has a golf course built on an ancient mounds! The videos are long but you will need to watch them in full to see what I experienced! Please feel free to give me any advice you can.