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Occurred : 12/12/2020 01:35 (Entered as : 12/12/2020 1:35)
Reported: 12/11/2020 11:18:22 PM 23:18
Posted: 12/23/2020
Location: Moonachie/Little Ferry, NJ
Shape: Disk
Duration:4 minutes
UFO with Bright White Lights at around 1:30am

As I was driving home from my girlfriend’s house at around 1:30am, I noticed a saucer-shaped object flying at a low altitude. I almost dismissed it as a blimp, but then realized that a blimp would not be flying that fast and at 1:30am in the morning. The UFO had VERY bright white lights and I could definitely say it was not a plane. There was one pulsating light in the middle. As I made my way down the road I continued to follow it. It dipped lower as I turned onto my street until I could not follow it any longer. It seemed as though it was making a landing. I live near Teterboro Airport and would love to know if this event could be debunked or if someone else saw what I saw .

Please e-mail me with any information: ((e-address deleeted))