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Occurred : 12/14/2020 21:30 (Entered as : 12/14/20 21:30)
Reported: 12/14/2020 8:00:35 PM 20:00
Posted: 12/23/2020
Location: Kansas City, MO
Shape: Other
Duration:30 seconds
Worming ribbon object moves through the kansas city sky.

While outside smoking, my boyfriend got excited and pointed to the east and asked me, "wth is that?" I look over and this very strange long thin line that almost looked like a lace ribbon was moving like a worm across from east to south east. It was illuminated with multiple lights, very lightly visible almost as if they're all a piece of this long ribbon. There were hundreds of these lights and the way this thing was moving was nothing we've ever seen before. From where we stood, the length of this object covered majority of our visible eastern direction in a horizontal line, I can't even begin to estimate its length. After worming across to the south for a few seconds, it began to shift going eastern and from then became impossible to see.

While this object/objects began shifting direction, he noticed a drone coming from the west that approached and slowed drastically before maneuvering south extremely slowly and maintained a steady position circling the southwest. Using my AR flight radar, the drone is actually an unidentified unit, typically meaning military or police of some sort. The timing and they're continuing area trace makes this quite intriguing.

I snapped some photos, haven't looked at them yet to see what exactly is visible, if there turns out any somewhat decent I shall send an email. Hopefully we weren't the only ones to see this. Definitely a new object I've yet to ever hear or see.