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Occurred : 12/11/2020 16:20 (Entered as : 12/11/20 16:20)
Reported: 12/14/2020 6:22:41 PM 18:22
Posted: 12/23/2020
Location: Ridgecrest, CA
Shape: Other
Multiple similar sized objects not flying as expected with bright lights underneath.

I first saw one then two then three and they appeared to interact with each other. It was too high to give a shape. The best I can say is a speck. I thought at first they were high flying snow geese because they were white. But then I did not see them flapping their wings so that wasn’t it and they couldn’t be gliding. So a few minutes later I started seeing lights underneath to which you could only see a bright light and no longer the white speck. Another person saw more behind me and she counted 12. I saw 3 to 4 at best. How high mid altitude below 5K feet. They were not moving like an aircraft or helicopter or jet or bird or balloon. I launched my drone and flew up to 400 ft AGL and scrolled my gimbal to 30 degrees high and hit the record button. I then rotated in place a few times not knowing if I got anything. Upon review I did not see the white specks nor the bright lights but it was either my strobe light under the belly that was reflecting off of t! he atmosphere or I was just under the objects and I was picking up a peripheral burst of lights as I rotated underneath them. God’s Truth.