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Occurred : 11/27/2020 03:30 (Entered as : 11272020 03:30)
Reported: 12/22/2020 4:05:31 AM 04:05
Posted: 12/23/2020
Location: Layton, UT
Shape: Other
Anti gravity no visible thrust and no sound it had to weigh in the hundreds of tons massive

I was leaving a local gas station I noticed what at first I thought was a military aircraft (I live 2miles from hill Air Force base ) it was heading towards the southwest at 15-20mph I turned south heading home and I was wondering why a military aircraft was lit up like a Christmas tree continued to the stop sign at the intersection I was looking out my passenger window saw nothing then i looked out the top of my windshield it was right over me the size of this wing was unbelievable it continued on the same flight path towards my home so I drove very quickly in that direction and past under the object again I stoped and got out of my car watching the object through the trees no sound it was no higher than 500ft off the ground I had to turn my head to see each wing tip it was out lined with green blue and red lights a strip the a single line the bottom was completely smooth at the back there where two pulsing lights one red one white pulsing in one second pul! ses with a 1count of no light between each these light lit up the ground so brightly colored everything was red trees me grass and the white was so bright it lit up the ground like a full hunters moon in the desert I could see all the down the street in detail at the point it was even with my car I stepped in the head lights of my car I believe at that moment who ever was in control of this object noticed that I was watching it ( there was absolutely no sound I could here the traffic from I-15 3/4 miles behind me nothing from the object) at that point in started to moving faster on the same flight path then it left like a top fuel dragster it wasn’t instantaneous speed but as if the throttle was being pushed quickly forward it was out of my sight over the food tops of single story homes it was miles way in 1-1/2 seconds it was absolutely silent. Something that size if powered by conventional means would have been roaring from the engines I estimate it was 400-500 ft across ! and 150-200ft deep I couldn’t see how thick it was it black th! e light strip if it was a aircraft would have been on the flight control surfaces if it’s ours cool turn the lights off if not we have a huge problem