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Occurred : 12/31/2020 01:37 (Entered as : 12/31/2020 01:37)
Reported: 1/4/2021 3:37:35 PM 15:37
Posted: 1/19/2021
Location: Orlando, FL
Shape: Triangle
Duration:approximately one second
Green triangle rapidly and silently moving East

On 12/31/2020 at approximately 06:37 UTC (01:37 local/EST) I was in vicinity of the approach lights of Runway 35R at KMCO (this is shortly North-West of Lake Nona) when as I looked to the West I saw movement directly above me. What I observed was a triangular shaped aircraft flying on an approximate heading of 090, at a very high speed.

The trailing edges of the object were illuminated in a neon green and they appeared to flicker similar to the way an NE-2 neon lamp or high pressure sodium street lamp flickers when you move your eyes as you look at it. It looked very similar to the triangular shaped highlighters many of us had in school, where each corner of the triangle was a different color marker tip. The object appeared to be flying above or in a 5500' cloud deck (per the ATIS) and it covered perhaps 1/2-1/3 of my observable sky in under a second. I would estimate the object's speed to be approximately 300-500kt., it was well above the speed one might observe a typical commercial or GA aircraft upon departure.

There was no sound or overpressure associated with this object and since I am unsure the height I am unable to determine the size of the object. It appeared about as big as a man's hand when viewed at arm's length, but again I am unsure of the size of the object.