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Occurred : 1/5/2021 21:40 (Entered as : 01/05/2021 21:40)
Reported: 1/5/2021 7:41:22 PM 19:41
Posted: 1/19/2021
Location: Wolcott, CT
Shape: Disk
Duration:1 minute
I was sitting in the car with my boyfriend, which is what we do every night. I was looking down on my phone and saw something move in the corner of my eye. I look up above the house across the street from me. Right above the trees there were these group of lights that came in three circling clockwise, it wasn’t a clear but it seemed to be a shade of fog, like it was in the clouds. The lights were there but very faint.

My bf realized I was looking up and I didn’t even have to tell him what it was because he saw right away. One of his sister’s friend was leaving the house and she said she had seen the to, even by her house in Southington.

As they were talking about that ( which I didn’t even hear clearly ) I was starting at the object. I knew right away it was a UFO. I’m a person that loves to take pictures and very good at taking them, but for some reason starting at thing object I couldn’t move. In my head I kept telling myself get you phone and take a picture and I couldn’t. My bf finally tried to, but you can’t see anything because of how faint the lights were.

And of course, as soon as I could move again and grab my phone boom, it was gone.