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Sighting Report
Occurred : 10/15/2020 22:08 (Entered as : 10/15/2020 22:08)
Reported: 1/8/2021 7:37:18 AM 07:37
Posted: 1/19/2021
Location: Moodus, CT
Shape: Changing
Duration:15 minutes
I have video - changed shape- kept disappearing and reappearing same area in sky seemed to be same area- was hazy white/yellow -unident

On 10/15/2020 at approximately 22:05 I first observed the object. It was odd in shape and bright in the sky and seemed to be moving but stationary. At 22:08 I began filming.

The video captured the shape changing, the seemingly moving, square to oval, circle - bright white/yellow in color. Looked to be spinning at some point looked to be burning. I can provide video and pictures. It would be there , disappear , show back up same location . Then all the sudden about 15 minutes later it disappeared and did not reappear.

It seemed to be quite high - I thought it could be a star or satellite at first trying to find an explanation. I saw it and my three children observed it. They are 14& 12 (twins)